Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's my Birthday...

and I'll post what I wanna!

This is my last year in my 20's!

So I haven't posted about these signs...
I made them for fam for Christmas.
I love how they turned out
and it was a fun new project for me!!
I am now continually on the lookout for
old cupboards and cabinet faces,
that's what these are!
This one I made for myself...
Here is me with my trusty sidekick, Star
working on these signs.

And since it's my bday....
I am going to share the debut
of Allikaye's dance recital video!

It is a heart melting performance.
You may want to consult a physician before viewing.

Oh I almost forgot...
I would like to also wish
Justin Timberlake a happy 29th birthday.
We're tight.

Happy birthday to me!!

Oh, and hi, Peggy!
Just wanted to give you a blog shout out!
Love ya!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Choose Joy!

You want more ruffles?! too.
Here is a cute little number
for my cute little number!
Please don't comment on the straightness
or lack thereof
of my lines.
And here's a Valentine cutie
for my Valentine cutie!
Ruffles Ruffles Ruffles...

Next project...
this old window frame.
It used to hold glass with a cute decal that
said "Bless all who enter here"
But I came home one day and it was
broken to pieces on the kitchen floor.
The culprit was either a decor trashing
addict looking for a thrill in my kitchen...
or the cat.

So I am left with a frame that
is cool...antiquey...vintage...
and from my cousin in Nebrasky.

We bought some cheapo panel board...
which led to impromptu dance recital...
with tap shoes and sparkly outfit included!

After some beloved chalkboard paint...
here is the finished product!

Now here is the reality of this picture...
piles on the top of the fridge!
How do you manage this area?!
Unfortunately for this I am a tall girl -
so I see this area easily...
so this is next on the to-do list!

Choose joy!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ruffles...and a Bible Story...

I wanted to share two recent little projects
that I have conquered on my
little ol sewing machine.
And both involve...
I do love me some ruffles!

Here is my pretty pink fleece ruffle scarf.
It is really warm,
so I am hoping for a big snow storm soon...
for fashion.
Oh, and I didn't follow a tutorial or pattern...
a first for me.
Sorry about the crazy eye staring at you.
And this...
I just love!
I should have taken the time to take better pictures.
But my darling 3 year old is
these days.

I used an old gray t-shirt
and an older cardigan from Target.
A lady at Pottery Barn asked me where I got it!!
I just was kinda proud of that!
Here it is bonding with my other clothes.
Here I am rockin it
in my dirty mirror and red sweat pants...
classy in Colorado.

And now...
the microphone that Allikaye won at
Chuck E. Cheese...
She had to wear mama's
fleece ear warmers to rock out.

This is the new thing over here.
She loves American Idol.
But calls it
"Yes good singer, no bad singer."
here is the Bible Story.
Miss Thing learned about
Zaccheus in church.
Here it is for ya...
with a microphone of course.

God loves YOU!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 Year Old Chore Chart!

Since I am now a
mama of a 3 year old...
(AHH!! How did that happen?!)
I thought it was time to get this
chick working around here!
Ha! Actually she is sooo excited to
start her chores!
She likes to call me "step mudda"
and I have to call her "Cinderella"
but whatever works, right?

Here it is!!
Made out of a mini-muffin tin!!!
This cost me $0! Which is good...
for everyone involved!

The circles have magnets on the back...
also the chores inside have magnets on the back,
so they can be switched around and changed.

Getting Tre Dog food,
Help set the table,
Get dressed (she is a pajama girl!),
Help clean (Cinderella),
Pick up toys,
Finish your dinner,
Put your laundry away.

Then after Miss Allikaye,
the 3 year old,
does a chore...
she gets whatever treat is inside!
This girl w.o.r.k.s for candy!
Eventually when she gets older,
we will substitute the candy for $$$!

The muffin tin is perfect for many reasons...
It has 4 chores a day...
Monday thru Saturday...
Sunday is a day of rest!!
Commandment #4 people!

I love this chore chart!!

Here is another little memory of Allikaye's
birthday fun!
Matt and me took her to Build a Bear!!

After she picked out a puppy....

We headed over to get 'er stuffed...

Cleaned that pup up...

Named the pup, Scruffy...
and haven't let go of it yet!!

Have I mentioned how much i love this 3 year old?
I have?
get used to it...
i LoVe HeR!!!!!

Off to be the step mudda!
Clean! Cinderella!
Get to work!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pink Princess Tea Party...3 year old style!

Here is a picture overload of the fun
princess pink tea party
Allikaye had this past weekend...
on the day of her 3rd birthday!
I can't believe my baby is 3...
even though she acts 5!

This girly girl knew exactly what she wanted for her party...
which made it fun for me to plan!
 So here we go...

Allikaye with some of her pretty princess friends...
Delaney and Allikaye...
lots of hugs took place!

We had Disney Princesses Tea Party CD
playing during the party...
by request of the Princess herself.
She told me that she really wanted to dance
a lot with her friends at her party...
and dance they did!
I still have
"ThE pErFeCt PrInCeSs TeA!"
playing in my head!

Then Allikaye really wanted storytime at her party...
and they had to be PINK books of course.

She was so involved with the story because I read this book
pretty much daily...
so fun to see her excitement!
It was all her!
She is yelling, "PINK!" in this picture...
 Then the tea party portion of our tea party
The little princesses had
strawberry cream cheese and jelly sandwiches
raspberry sandwich roll-up things
pink wafer cookies
pink marshmallows
and of course pink tea...
which was strawberry lemonade!
Oh - and check out the pretty pink cupcakes!
Grandma bought them from a cute little bakery!

This girl was in heaven!!

This is the only pic I got with my 3 year old...
I love it!

After a quick bite to eat...
there was some foam crown decorating...
and a little sugar cube castle building!

Then came present time!!
This was pretty hilarious with all of the kids
huddling around each present as it was opened.
It was like football pileup where ever Allikaye was!
 She was very good about saying thank you...
she always is!
And gave lots of hugs
to her friends and family that came!
We love all of you!!!

 This is a "how old are you" shot...
She is this many...

I will end with my favorite pictures from our fun party!

 This girl is my star...
 I just can not put into words
how proud I am to be Allikaye's mama!

Make a wish my pink princess!
She sure is my dream come true!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tell me my baby story!

I hear this
approximately 3 times a day...
"Mama, tell me my baby story."

Well my baby is turning 3 this weekend.

And I am going to tell Allikaye's baby story
the exact way that I tell her
approximately 3 times a day.

And believe me
if I tell something out of order or leave something out...
she is right there to remind me!

"Well, mommy had a really big belly
because you were inside!
And mommy had been pregnant for a long time.
So she said to daddy,
"let's go to a movie."
So mommy and daddy went to see
Night at the Museum.
During the movie mommy's stomach started going
bump bump bump!
And it was you wanting to come out!!
So I told daddy we had to go to the hospital
because it was time to meet our little girl!
So daddy drove drove drove
and the doctor said,
"Yep, lay in this bed. Its time to have your baby!"
So after a little bit the doctor said,
"Okay, Ashley (because that's mommy's name),
it's time to push!
And mama pushed pushed pushed
and out came the most beautiful little girl
we had ever seen!
They said,
"What is her name"
and I said,
"Alexandra Kaye."
Everyone couldn't believe how pretty you were!
I said,
"Can I hold her?!"
And I just stared at you and you stared at me
and we loved each other so much!

Still is true 3 years later...
I can't stop staring at her.
She is beautiful
loves Jesus
loves pink
loves sugar
and loves cheetos

and I will continue to just stare in awe
of the angel that God gave me...
3 years ago.

3 years that I never knew I needed so much.
3 years of amazement
and just unexplainable love.

Happy birthday my Allikaye!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Damask Love...

Okay so lately I am just
to damask...
mostly black and white.
Where have I been that this is such
a new obsession with me?

Here is a cute 'A' shirt I made Allikaye...
And a cute 'M' for her BF Mallory...
Oh the excitement when Target had this wrapping paper on clearance...
So I re-mod-podged our movie tub...
oh, and it is flocked...which means fuzzy!
This is my camera strap cover I made...
But I really like this one...
made by one of my bloggy BF's at Pearsonality...
and pretty sure she is a better seamstress than moi...
you can buy this one!

So I was wondering what else is out there
to humor my damask obsession...

What about this runner?
kinda big for my liking.
Oh but this is cute...
except no where in my decor do I have just black and white...

And then I saw all of these colors
and my world opened up!!!
So yeah, I am LOVING the pink!!!!
Look at this sweet bedspread...
and room!
I want this...
the back is papered in pink damask!

Allikaye want a new bed?
hehe...just joking,
I love her surfer girl pink explosion princess ballerina room.
Okay, and then I saw these bad boys...

Maybe going to far with the damask?
I think not!

This is just a distraction post from all the
craziness my life is right now...
So if you think of little ol me...
will you pray for me?
I just would love a few prayers to strengthen me
as a wife and mama.
Thanks, peeps!

Damask on!

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