Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love is in the air!

This does not happen...

Sure they wrestle and swat and chase
each other.
But this?

Anything is possible!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mommy and Me

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sports Galore!

The cuteness in my life
from my Allikaye
can get overwhelming!

Here are some pictures
from her sports class.
It's a 3 year old class
that is taught by one of my
volleyball friends, Laura.

On this day she learned some
football skillZ!

She loved to kick it!

Then chase it...

How old is this girl?
She needs to slow down the growing...
mama can't handle how big she is getting!!

It is a class full of boys...
in other words:
it is a crazy class!
But Laura does so great with the little ones!

Now THIS is a girl that is making her mama
Holding her volleyball...
Oh my...

I have loved watching her run and have fun
at this class!

I was originally thinking this would be a
good class to tire her out...
for a good afternoon nap...
for mama's sake!!!
But unfortunately,
turning 3 for this girl also means
that afternoon naps are so not cool.
I have turned them into
"quiet time"
So far she is doing good just hanging out in her room
reading to herself.
I am happy with that -
as long as I get some sort of break...
do you other moms agree??

I sure do love my sports class girl!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lace for Love Day!

This is a quick one...
but I wanted to show who ever cares
a cute new shirt!
Vintage Dutch Girl did a tutorial
on adding a lace trim to a boring shirt...
and tada...

I think this would be really cute...
and perfect...
for LoVe DaY,
especially with a red or pink shirt!!
Oh yeah!
Just might whip another one up...
I have an old red tank top that could use some

So here's hoping you have a
great weekend!
Just love on someone this weekend
would ya?

Allikaye would like to say,
"Happy ValentiMe's Day, sistas!"


Monday, February 8, 2010

Daddy Daughter Ball

Allikaye and her Prince...
aka Daddy...
had a night to remember this weekend!
The ball had arrived!
I can't think of a girl that is more
in love with princesses and balls and gowns
and dancing and all things girl,
than my Allikaye!
This was her kinda thing!

Here we are getting ready!!
Oh my heart has officially melted...
she is so pretty!
I love this picture because it shows how
she just loves her daddy!
He let her pick out his tie and outfit!
Ah! Cuteness!

This is all Allikaye!
She wanted to take a picture with her
princess and prince dolls...
because they were going to the ball too!
True love...
Here's a framer!
On their way to their carriage...

We met our BF's at Red Robin before the ball.
You should have seen all the daddy's and princesses!
The place was packed with pretty dresses
and proud dads!
I love that our town is still small enough to
have this kind of community feeling!

Here is my true princess...
in all her princess glory!

After the ball they came in dancing
to Beyonce's "Single Ladies"
and twirling all around!
They had the best time!
I wish I could have been there to watch...
I almost asked my dad to
take me so I could watch!
Wouldn't that have been funny?
I could wear my old prom dress!

I am so thankful
that Allikaye and Matt were able to
make this priceless memory!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Celebrating Babies!

This beauty is my new niece...
Isn't she purdy?!

We had some of our family from Nebraska
come into town for a baby shower for this sweet baby.
And then another shower for my cousin Mike that
just had a baby in Maryland...
Baby Brody...
we celebrated with Brody's gma, my Auntie Peg!

This my Grandma and her 3 girls...
including my mama!
And also my cousin and great friend, Amber.
The shower for Lilia was at Mimi's...
yummy breakfast!

And just because I know you want to know...
here is the ruffle dress I gave Lilia.
I know you are shocked!

THIS is why our weekend was so much fun...
my cousin Amber and her 3 awesome kids
stayed with us at our little house for the weekend.
It was so much fun fun fun!
Allikaye is enamored with Emma and Addie.
And I saw her ask Luke to be her prince one time too...
when he wasn't making Batman fly all over.

It was also fun to have the kids occupied
and actually have good conversation
and some wine with Amber!!

We love you Larson's!
See you at the fair this summer!

Next up...
Allikaye and Matt are headed to the
Daddy/Daughter Ball this weekend!
I just may melt
from cuteness!

She already refers to him as
"Prince" more than daddy!
Also - we are going to attempt her
letting me curl her hair for the ball!

Have you seen this blog?
The Story of A Princess and Her Hair
If you have a daughter...chickety check it out.
Just don't expect your daughter to sit to be able to
try these hair creations!
Mine won't!
If yours will...
please do tell!
Maybe I should run to the store and
buy some sweet bribes!

Have a good weekend!

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