Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Time 2013

Miss Allikaye was visited by Mr Easter Bunny!
Fun stuff in the basket and an egg hunt! 

 Off to Grandma and Popa's house for Easter lunch!
Look at these sweet bunnies!!
 It's what he does...
reaches for everything...
climbs everything...
boy boy!
 Pretty Cambria!
 Helping Gma cook!
 Pretty Grandma!

 This is an Allikaye and Cambria twin picture...
AK wore that same dress...
and they are so twinnies!
 Mr. Kai...
 Grandma Price and Allikaye...
What?! The Easter Bunny came to Grandma's too?!
What lucky kids! 
Cute sandals for the girls...
Superman shirt for Kai!

We also did our annual Easter Egg Drop! 
From a helicopter! 
This is a well loved tradition out here for us! 

Matt's sis, Erin, and her sweet fam met us there! 

AK and her cousin Anna...
 Erin and me...
and Riley! 
 Riley laughing at Aunt Ashley!
 Cam Cam

The bestest big sister in all the land...

Crazy Kai...

Super fun Easter! 
He is RISEN!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Z is for Zoo Day!

 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is 
We love it! 
And safe to say the babies loved it toooo! 
First time to see all the animals!

We watched Allikaye ride the carousel!
 Babes danced and shook their heads while the music played. 
It was quite entertaining.
 Can you see Cambria's big smile?
Even though it's a side view...
it's there!
 Watching Allikaye go around!
 Allikaye loves horses...
asks for one quite often. 
So this was a fave of the day!
 She gets bugged that the workers have to hold 
the horse while it walks...
she wants the open range!
 This is supposed to be a zebra
on her face...
Look out a bear! 
 And last but not least...
the best part of this zoo...
feeding the giraffes!
So cool!

And of course, 
Miss Smarty Pants herself
informs us that giraffes tongues are 
purple so they don't get sun burned. 
She is a smart cookie for sure! 

Love the z-o-o!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The party!!

 We started off the festivities for these cute one year olds
with their dedication to the Lord at church!
It was so great to have all the family there! 

 Kai wanted to crawl on the table during...
 So did Cambria...
big eyes!

Then came the eats! 
And the CAKE! 

 Here they are at first...
not sure what to do with this...

Cam was dainty as ever picking at the frosting...

Kai showing sister! 
"Look! Sugar!"

The "after" picture! 

"Sugar makes me happy!"

 Love this cake, mom!!

Happy happy birthday you sweet one year olds!!
This year has been beyond our imaginations! 
Blessing upon blessing upon blessing! 
Double the joy for sure! 

This is the thank you cards...

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