Sunday, September 12, 2010


Allikaye and daddy do some workin out... Allikaye loves these 2 games!
First is Junior Boggle...
she spells the word -
matches the letters to the letters on the card.
Then she sounds out each of the letters!
You can see her making the 'a' sound in this pic:
The other game she loves is
Old McDonald's Farm.
She loves searching for the baby animals...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A few Happy Pictures!

We got a scooter at a garage sale...
and it was a great purchase!!
Allikaye loves it!

She especially loves riding along side dad...
and his longboard!
She is all smiles!
It makes us laugh because
so far she just scoots along...
not putting both feet up.
But she loves it that way!
We are trying to teach her how to push and then hop on...
but whatever way she wants to do it...
is the way she will do it!
I was also able to
bring Tre to her preschool for pet week!
I am thankful that I was able to be there...
and realize that even if I am back working -
I need to keep priorities and memories as our top importance!
To some,
it may seem like trivial things...
like taking Tre to her school.
But it is important to Allikaye -
so it is important to me!
And I will keep it that way! :)

I didn't bring the camera in -
so I got a pic of her and her ice cream...
after I got to pick her up!!
And then we took some pics with
Tre dog after we got home.

He got a chewie for being a good boy
for Allikaye's classmates...
oh and he even put on a cute bandanna
for his debut!

She was so proud to have her dog in her class!
She told them that he sleeps under mom and dad's bed...
and that he loves his frisbee...
and that she feeds him dog food...
and that he got a fish hook in his side when we went camping.

Then she got to pick each of her classmates
to come pet Tre.
She held the leash and kept saying,
"Tre, sit, be good!"
He was actually just laying there -
but she wanted everyone to see she was in charge of her dog!
It was funny!

Pretty Preschooler!
I am so glad I was able to be a part of her preschool
I am a mom first!!

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