Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Weekend!

Our fun festivities started at
the Christmas Eve service.
It has been fun for me to take
Allikaye's pictures in a lot of the
same places every Christmas service.
So here are a few past/present pictures!

Last year...
This year...
Last year singing with Popa...
This year singing with Popa...
2 years ago in front of the pretty tree...
This year in front of the pretty tree...
Then Christmas morning Allikaye
awoke to a big Barbie Playhouse in her playroom!
This will end up outside when it is warmer -
but she is loving it!
Big eyes...

This picture is still one of our favorite
pictures of Allikaye.
This is at her first Christmas.
So we asked her to try and reenact the picture...
Attempt one...
Attempt two...
Pretty Christmas girl
with some stick on earrings that were in her stocking!
Sweet smile for her new jewelry box from Grandma and Popa.
"Mom, is this a boook?"
New pajamas that she HAD to wear right then...
Daddy so excited for his new golf driver...
Oh yeah...

Then after the fun Christmas morning...
we headed to the other side of the family...
Grammy and Pop Pop.

Cousin Anna was here from Texas too!

It was such great times with family.

We enjoyed every minute.
And so did our Allikaye.

I think she is quite worn out from
all the excitement.
Not that she is napping, that is long gone,
but she is playing a little more quietly...
once in awhile.

Here is evidence of a happy and satisfied girl...

Playing with her new Leapster.
Truly a gift for both her and her parents!

Next comes New Year's!
Then comes my baby turning 4!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!
I'm so glad it's Christmas!

All the tinsel and lights,
and the presents are nice.
But the real gift is you!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

I love you!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recital and Santa!

This is the only picture
I took of Allikaye on stage at her Christmas
Dance Recital!
She is the angel right in the middle.
Allikaye is becoming such a good little dancer.
She did all her twirls and positions perfectly!
So amazing to watch.
I am usually backstage and watching from the side -
but this year I sat in the audience.
And cried the whole time.
She amazes me.
My dancer with her flowers...

Then we headed to see Santa later that day!
Allikaye brought him a picture we drew together at dinner...
She actually talked to him this year -
rather than just stare at the ground and pretend he isn't there.
He was such a sweet Santa!
Allikaye even asked him what he had for dinner.
That is big for my shy girl!
This is how excited she was after...
I am beyond proud of my girl.
She makes the celebration of Jesus' birth so sweet.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Graham Cracker House Party!

Our 2nd Annual House Decorating party was today!

Here are some of the goodies,
and place settings...
awaiting the sugary goodness!
We had 13 kids come this year!
So much fun...
and so much sugar!
These sandwich cookies are some of my faves...
I also made 2 different types of pinwheels, with crescent rolls...
so yummo...
I used my sewing machine to connect paper candy canes,
and some pretty white snowflakes that my students made.
Very festive!
Let the decorating begin!!
Very serious...
Brady and Kendi...
all was good and then Brady tried a red hot...
oops. :)
Sweet Kaida...
My work friend, Jessica, came
with her pretty girl Sienna...
Lily with her impressive house...
Creative Mallory...
Silly Delaney...
Sweet Mackenzie...
And the hostess herself...

It was a super fun party...
All the kids did great!
I really love this tradition.
Love it.
Excited for next year!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

The BEST Present of All is Jesus

The preschool Christmas program!!
Absolute adorable adorable overload!

Here is my Christmas Angel
before the program...
THIS is my Christmas Angel...
Mallory, one of the favorite friends,
and Allikaye...
waiting to go on!
There she is on the top row!!

Singing so loud and proud!
She was awesome!
She takes her jobs on stage very serious.
Had all the right moves!

so adorable...

"The BEST present of all...
is Jesus!"
Owen, right next to her,
was her partner for the last song,
"I wish you well"
It was very adorable...
I know I keep saying that...
but it was!

One more time...
because I LOVE this picture...
love it.

She is definitely comfortable on stage!

We are remembering that Jesus is
the BEST present of all!
Thanks, Allikaye for singing
us that reminder!

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