Wednesday, December 1, 2010

School Pictures!

I was not quite sure about how Allikaye's
school pictures would turn out.
First of all,
they are school pictures...
not always the best pics, ya know?
I was on my way to Cali for my fun girl's weekend.
So the hair, outfit, all of it was chosen and prepared the night before.
Eek. I can get a little control happy -
so this was a slight worry for me.

But check these out!

I love them.

I think it is the beauty in capturing
my Allikaye in her school setting.
Mama and dad not there.
In her element.
So happy.
So innocent.

Oh, and the braid from the night before
lasted in her hair.
Love that too.

They even snuck some pictures
of Allikaye and her school (and dance)
friend, Lauren.
Love Allikaye's expression...

So way to go, school pictures!
The price is steeper than necessary.
So our house will happily have only one
in our possession.
But I am thankful that these pictures exist.



amanda said...

oh honey i am just dying over the fact that she is old enough for school pictures!! how is that possible!!

soo soo stinkin cute!!

ps - sending you an email now...

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