Saturday, December 18, 2010

The BEST Present of All is Jesus

The preschool Christmas program!!
Absolute adorable adorable overload!

Here is my Christmas Angel
before the program...
THIS is my Christmas Angel...
Mallory, one of the favorite friends,
and Allikaye...
waiting to go on!
There she is on the top row!!

Singing so loud and proud!
She was awesome!
She takes her jobs on stage very serious.
Had all the right moves!

so adorable...

"The BEST present of all...
is Jesus!"
Owen, right next to her,
was her partner for the last song,
"I wish you well"
It was very adorable...
I know I keep saying that...
but it was!

One more time...
because I LOVE this picture...
love it.

She is definitely comfortable on stage!

We are remembering that Jesus is
the BEST present of all!
Thanks, Allikaye for singing
us that reminder!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

So, so, so, Adorable! She was working it up there on stage :)

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