Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recital and Santa!

This is the only picture
I took of Allikaye on stage at her Christmas
Dance Recital!
She is the angel right in the middle.
Allikaye is becoming such a good little dancer.
She did all her twirls and positions perfectly!
So amazing to watch.
I am usually backstage and watching from the side -
but this year I sat in the audience.
And cried the whole time.
She amazes me.
My dancer with her flowers...

Then we headed to see Santa later that day!
Allikaye brought him a picture we drew together at dinner...
She actually talked to him this year -
rather than just stare at the ground and pretend he isn't there.
He was such a sweet Santa!
Allikaye even asked him what he had for dinner.
That is big for my shy girl!
This is how excited she was after...
I am beyond proud of my girl.
She makes the celebration of Jesus' birth so sweet.


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