Monday, August 31, 2009

Shopping with my girl

How do you keep your toddler
entertained at the grocery store?

Rule number one...

free cookies are a must...
the pink ones...
and grab one for mama too.

Rule Number Two...

Bring along her very own shopping cart...
warning - there will be items
in her cart that aren't on your list!

Miss Allikaye followed me around pretty good
on this trip...
I'm not sure we will always bring along her
very own cart...
but this was a fun memory!

We love us some shoppin!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nap Time??

This is what I hear most everyday
when I am wishing Allikaye
would sleep just a little bit longer!

The scene changes slightly...
but this is definitely something about
my sweet girl that I want to always remember...

the chatter...and singing...
that fills our little house...
especially when it is supposed to be q-u-i-e-t time!

Would you like a commentary?

1. I am waiting outside her door to catch her unaware!
I need to clean this door!
2. We play a little game of repeat mama
"What are you doing?" What are YOU doing?"
3. She WAS sleeping!
4. I guess mama doesn't usually walk in carrying a camera...
Miss Thing is quite interested in the camera!
She just wants it for a minute...yeah right!
5. I like how Raja - her tiger - has switched with her pillow...
he usually sleeps on the foot of her bed.
6. Yes, Raja is named after Jasmine's tiger, from Alladin.
7. I always wanted The Little Mermaid (my fave) to be Allikaye's fave...
she likes it - but not as much as Daddy's fave - Alladin!
Oh well, ya can't win em all!
8. I think someone told Miss Allikaye that loud singing is the best way to do it!
9. She knows all the words to "A Whole New World"
apparently she thinks it is titled "I Can Open Your Eyes"
10. Oops...she saw herself in the mirror!
Attention span alert!!

I LoVe ThIs SpUnKy ChIc!

Monday, August 24, 2009

We Are Family

When our family from Nebraska comes to visit...
let me just say...
the times are fun-filled!

Seriously...we love them so!
Wish we could hang out with them all the time!

My aunt Jeanne and cousin Amber brought their clan out to visit...

Amber's 3 beautiful kids l-o-v-e the movie Mamma Mia.
Love it!
And they have all the Abba songs memorized!
It is so precious and funny hearing them sing along to all the songs!
Emma is the oldest and she's 6...or 7?-
so hearing a 7, 5, and 2 year old sing Abba is awesome...
I recommend it!

By the end of our time together,
Allikaye was singing,
"Mamma I go my!"

We started off our fun by visiting The North Pole.
It was rainy, so the place was a little more like Christmas!
We have gone here since we were little,
so it is fun to see a picture like this -
when it used to be us on the sleigh!
There were lots of rides that Allikaye could ride...
she was a brave cookie!
Here are the girls hugging a reindeer...
we got to see real ones too,
oh yes we did.
Hugging a snowman...
Fun train ride with Addie...
Allikaye's favorite girls...
Emma and Addie!
Oh, and the infamous North Pole!
It is really made out of ice and snow...
grandma's licking it...can you see?
Oh here's a close up of the popular grandma!!
Good pic, mom!

Then we ventured into Denver the next day for some
fun at Casa Bonita...the pink castle.
They have cliff diving peeps...
which was entertaining...
and so were the glowy spinny things...
Allikaye just loves being with this fam!
Here is out front...
Luke, Addie, Emma, and Allikaye...

We also went to the aquarium...
did some antique shopping...
just Amber and me shopping...
and just plain had a good time!

Thanks for coming out, you Nebraskans!
And thanks for teaching my daughter Abba,
nothing beats that!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Go Here

This is just a quick little post -
just to link you to

this list.

It is so right on!

I laughed so hard at most of these...

I could have written it...

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tiny Dancer

One of my favorite moments of being a mama
just happened this week...
taking Allikaye to dance class!

It was the cutest...
It made me appreciate so much more
my new stay-at-home status
because this wouldn't have been possible if I was working!

Oh my - it was priceless!

At first Allikaye wouldn't look at Miss Tammy -
and kept coming over to give me a hug and a kiss.
She would say, "Just one more hug and kiss
then I'll go to my carpet!"
Well, that just melted my heart!

Here is Miss Tammy helping Allikaye do 1st Position.
Alli keeps wanting to practice "1st pobision"
As the teacher went to help other students with 1st position,
Allikaye stayed frozen in hers!
There were only 4 little girls in her class -
but only two (Allikaye and another) that were really participating.
The other two girls seemed to not even be 2 years old -
so I was wishing more attention wasn't on the babies
that couldn't even understand the teacher.
But I am very thankful for such a small class -
and great teacher!

Oh, my -
then we got to do a little tap dancing!!

This was a new and exciting experience!
I love the looks she would give me on the sidelines!
We just might have a tap dancer on our hands...
she was great at tappin!
I can't get enough!!!
Too cute!

So I am just enthralled with my beatiful dancer!
She just blows me away with cuteness!

We are going to go practice walking on our tip tip toes now!
Need to make Miss Tammy proud next Wednesday!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Like Disneyland In Colorado

What a combination...
the zoo...
and princesses!?
Perfect for Miss Thang!

The Denver Zoo had Zoomily...
which is basically fairy tale night...
which is basically Allikaye heaven.

We enjoyed more carousel rides...
She told her hippo,
"You are a really good hippo!"
after the ride was over.
We rode on the Zoo Train...

Allikaye asked why these creatures had horns
and I said because that's how God made them.
She said, "Oh, thank you, God!"

There were fun performers all over the different areas of the zoo.
I am Creek Indian...errr...Native American.
And I wanted to sound cool to these folks,
so I asked,
"What nation are you from?"
I don't know why I said that!
The guy said,
"I am Blackfoot, and she is from Oklahoma."
Hmmm...pretty sure Oklahoma is a state, not a nation.
But I am a dork for even trying! hehe

Volunteers and workers brought out a lot of the animals
so you could see them up close...
for the princesses, of course!
Here was the Harry Potter section...
Allikaye is playing the game they play...
sorry - not a fan of HP - but it was cute for A.
Oh My!
There were real life princesses there!
Allikaye could not believe it!!
Are you ready?!

Here's Cinderella....and Gus.
(look at the side-eye Allikaye is giving them)
Here is Aurora...Sleeping Beauty...
(I think Alli was a little stunned by was Matt!)hehe
And snow white...with her owl friend...
It was fun to eat dinner at the zoo...
right next to the seals!
They provided the yummy hamburgers and mini corndogs!
Look at this princess...

And last, but certainly not least,
Prince Charming!!!
Notice his cushion-y pecs
and if you could only smell his musk through your computer!

Oh Cinderella...

It was such a fun event!
Thanks Denver Zoo!
We are so on for next year!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

County Fair Time

After the fun fair parade...
we enjoyed some good ol' fair time.

We rode some super fabulous carnival rides...

This car ride was the fave for Miss Allikaye...
she rode it 6 times...
riding in the back seat every time...
with her princess crown on (which she won)...
just like SHE was in a parade!
A little carousel with Grandmama...
And Allikaye's first little rollercoaster experience!
I couldn't go with her -
so she went with another cutie that was around.
She was saying something the whole ride -
but we couldn't tell what.
When she was done I asked her what she was saying on the ride,
"I was saying, 'This is fast!'"

Daddy even got to take a ride...

It was fun to be with grandma and grandpa!

Oh...and we checked out lots of cute farm animals too...

Then we watched some good and crazy
rodeo fun...
While digging in to fair food!!!

This is our 2nd annual
"Grandpa and Allikaye picture by the tractor!"

Here's last year...
look how small Miss Thang was! Ah! sniff sniff...

This rodeo cowgirl princess had quite a
rip roarin' good time!

Do you go to your county fair?
You should!

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