Monday, August 17, 2009

Like Disneyland In Colorado

What a combination...
the zoo...
and princesses!?
Perfect for Miss Thang!

The Denver Zoo had Zoomily...
which is basically fairy tale night...
which is basically Allikaye heaven.

We enjoyed more carousel rides...
She told her hippo,
"You are a really good hippo!"
after the ride was over.
We rode on the Zoo Train...

Allikaye asked why these creatures had horns
and I said because that's how God made them.
She said, "Oh, thank you, God!"

There were fun performers all over the different areas of the zoo.
I am Creek Indian...errr...Native American.
And I wanted to sound cool to these folks,
so I asked,
"What nation are you from?"
I don't know why I said that!
The guy said,
"I am Blackfoot, and she is from Oklahoma."
Hmmm...pretty sure Oklahoma is a state, not a nation.
But I am a dork for even trying! hehe

Volunteers and workers brought out a lot of the animals
so you could see them up close...
for the princesses, of course!
Here was the Harry Potter section...
Allikaye is playing the game they play...
sorry - not a fan of HP - but it was cute for A.
Oh My!
There were real life princesses there!
Allikaye could not believe it!!
Are you ready?!

Here's Cinderella....and Gus.
(look at the side-eye Allikaye is giving them)
Here is Aurora...Sleeping Beauty...
(I think Alli was a little stunned by was Matt!)hehe
And snow white...with her owl friend...
It was fun to eat dinner at the zoo...
right next to the seals!
They provided the yummy hamburgers and mini corndogs!
Look at this princess...

And last, but certainly not least,
Prince Charming!!!
Notice his cushion-y pecs
and if you could only smell his musk through your computer!

Oh Cinderella...

It was such a fun event!
Thanks Denver Zoo!
We are so on for next year!


Melissa said...

How fun!!
My vote is you bring the little princess to Disneyland in Cali. and see me!! Woot Woot!!
oh...and Aurora's got nothin on you! :)

Danielle said...

You are so funny Ash...I love your posts. What a great idea too...didn't even know the Denver Zoo had something like that. You really are up on the community happenings! :)

amanda said...

that looks sooo fun!!

can you email my zoo and see if they can do something cool like that?

no? well fine i guess we will just come visit yours next summer :)

McMommy said...

You crack me up!!! I loved looking at your expressions in the pics!!

Just me.....Shelly said...

hahahhah! I love those pics of allikaye touching the slimey goop and petting the rooster....too cute! Looks like you guys have been verrrry busy....summer is flying by isn't it? Crazy. are right. they are waaay too cute to be mad at. I try to have a serious face and be stern, then lily will make a fake laugh or funny face, I can't HELP it!!! I just burst into giggles....ugh! So much for keeping her in line, right. ha.

Darci said...

How fun! I bet she had a ball! She is just growin' up too fast. Miss ya tons!

Libby Lu said...

you should start your countdown til allikaye gets to go to the real disneyland. sometime around 10-9-10 huh!? eeeee!

and OMG i L-O-V-E your face in the pic with prince charming! haha

Jeanneoli said...

What a perfect and FUN night!!! She is the perfect age to be in heaven with all the princesses..

dani said...

i love all that is princess!!! what a great event:) priceless photos:P
dani xxx

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