Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nap Time??

This is what I hear most everyday
when I am wishing Allikaye
would sleep just a little bit longer!

The scene changes slightly...
but this is definitely something about
my sweet girl that I want to always remember...

the chatter...and singing...
that fills our little house...
especially when it is supposed to be q-u-i-e-t time!

Would you like a commentary?

1. I am waiting outside her door to catch her unaware!
I need to clean this door!
2. We play a little game of repeat mama
"What are you doing?" What are YOU doing?"
3. She WAS sleeping!
4. I guess mama doesn't usually walk in carrying a camera...
Miss Thing is quite interested in the camera!
She just wants it for a minute...yeah right!
5. I like how Raja - her tiger - has switched with her pillow...
he usually sleeps on the foot of her bed.
6. Yes, Raja is named after Jasmine's tiger, from Alladin.
7. I always wanted The Little Mermaid (my fave) to be Allikaye's fave...
she likes it - but not as much as Daddy's fave - Alladin!
Oh well, ya can't win em all!
8. I think someone told Miss Allikaye that loud singing is the best way to do it!
9. She knows all the words to "A Whole New World"
apparently she thinks it is titled "I Can Open Your Eyes"
10. Oops...she saw herself in the mirror!
Attention span alert!!

I LoVe ThIs SpUnKy ChIc!


anna said...

i WAS sleeping!!! the best part. and her room is so cute! love it! i love listening to the boys when they wake up from their nap. they talk and laugh at each other...and by the time i get the camera, they want up NOW!!! :)
love ya!

Libby Lu said...

you need to get a nanny cam! i'm sure you'd get some good stuff when she thinks she's alone! and what a coincidence. i love alladin too! love you chamby chambs!

Rebekah said...

That was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. The kids and I watched Allikay's performance and Jenna begged me, "Let's watch it again!!!" :) TOO CUTE!! I love you and your funny girl!

amanda said...

after nap time is like the best! they are just so wrapped up in their own little world!!

so sweet friend - and so glad you caught it on film :)

Becks said... Allikaye you are soo cute and you have the cutest room ever!! How cozy does your bed look, love it!! I also think your singing is amazing but I am with your momma I love me some Little Mermaid :)

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