Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tiny Dancer

One of my favorite moments of being a mama
just happened this week...
taking Allikaye to dance class!

It was the cutest...
It made me appreciate so much more
my new stay-at-home status
because this wouldn't have been possible if I was working!

Oh my - it was priceless!

At first Allikaye wouldn't look at Miss Tammy -
and kept coming over to give me a hug and a kiss.
She would say, "Just one more hug and kiss
then I'll go to my carpet!"
Well, that just melted my heart!

Here is Miss Tammy helping Allikaye do 1st Position.
Alli keeps wanting to practice "1st pobision"
As the teacher went to help other students with 1st position,
Allikaye stayed frozen in hers!
There were only 4 little girls in her class -
but only two (Allikaye and another) that were really participating.
The other two girls seemed to not even be 2 years old -
so I was wishing more attention wasn't on the babies
that couldn't even understand the teacher.
But I am very thankful for such a small class -
and great teacher!

Oh, my -
then we got to do a little tap dancing!!

This was a new and exciting experience!
I love the looks she would give me on the sidelines!
We just might have a tap dancer on our hands...
she was great at tappin!
I can't get enough!!!
Too cute!

So I am just enthralled with my beatiful dancer!
She just blows me away with cuteness!

We are going to go practice walking on our tip tip toes now!
Need to make Miss Tammy proud next Wednesday!


Emily said...

Lily started her 2nd year of dance class this past Thursday and I feel the same exact way as you described. They are precious learning to dance and those smiles and sweet faces that they send to you on the sidelines make everything worth it.

Just wait til it's recital time and they get all dressed up in their pretty tutus. You will be so excited and proud of her.

Libby Lu said...

miss alli looks in the mirror a lot? sounds like someone else i know! haha
i love that you update your page so much. gives me something to do at work....other than work! thanks lady. love you!!! =)

Trish said...

awe this makes me more excited for Addie's dance class :) i can't wait... she keeps talking about it and when she woke up this morning the first words out of her mouth were... "is it ballet class today?"

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Soooo SWEET... She is adorable!

Jill said...

So so so cute~

The Gerster Family said...

beyond adorable! I am so jealous and can't wait for this moment with Mia (and eventually Lilia) :)

Lianna Knight said...

I owned a dance studio about 6 years ago...the 2 year olds were my FAVS!!! I just love how precious they all looked in their pink tights and ballet shoes. Your baby looks PRECIOUS!

dani said...

the first day of dance was one of my favorites with katherine as well. miss thang looks like she loves it, and that makes all the difference!!! i am so thrilled that you are getting to stay at home and experience the fun stuff, ashley:D
much love,
dani xxx

Rhonda Marie said...

I can already imagine her future as "America's Favorite Dancer" on "So You Think You Can Dance"!!! I would definitely vote for her! Hopefully she gets an amazing roommate in college and they can choreograph some sweet moves together!
Love you!

amanda said...

oh i can't wait for dance class honey!! i never thought i'd really care, but she sooo loves to dance, so now i can't wait!!

she is seriously too sweet friend!

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