Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Allikaye's First Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

"It's for me!!"

Allie's new sign for her room: 'Jesus knows me this I love'

Tre helping Allie open her presents, or the other way around!

She loves her new shoes!

At first, the Tickle Me Elmo was freaking her out a little. But she got used to the shaking and scary laughter...and now they are friends!

By far, Allie's favorite toy! Her new Dora ball pit! She was screaming from joy in there!

Aunt Katie and Allie reading the story of Jesus' birth!!

Thank you Nathan and Erin for Allie's new barn book! She LOVES books!!

Christmas Eve!

Look at my cute sweater from Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Jared!! I am CUTE! And don't forget my awesome fuzzy boots!

Sideways family (it won't turn)!

Daddy and Allikaye with the pretty poinsettias at church!

Almost Christmas...Sunday, December 23rd

Now that Allie is walking we can dress her in cute dresses (because she doesn't trip on them). She looked beautiful in her tights and black shoes! Mommy's little dress up doll!!
Grandma and Allie

She can't wait to open her presents! She says, "WOW" to them!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Video of Allikaye laughing in the fridge!

Here is our goofy girl laughing with Daddy!
Her laughter is so contagious and precious!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

11 month old joy!

We decorated cookies the other night...well, I did and Allie watched, and Matt ate them! It is so fun to do things with Allikaye - everything is new for her! It gives you a new perspective on the joy found in the simplest things! She is 11 months old now - and amazing us more than ever! She doesn't walk any more... she runs! She is so fast that we are definitely on our toes baby proofing every square foot. Here are some of her favorite activities these days: emptying out the pantry, carrying around bags of fruit snacks, throwing balls as hard as she can, pulling on Tre, running, and laughing, laughing laughing... the best sound in the world!!

First time wearing mittens! She actually kept them on for awhile...unlike any socks or shoes!

This was my shirt when I was little...so retro! She is so dang cute!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Allikaye checking out the Christmas tree! However, it turned out she was more interested inthe flowers NEXT to the tree! But she finally decided to help dad and mom decorate!

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