Friday, November 26, 2010

So Thankful

Look at this cheesy grin..
says it all!
We've had a great Thanksgiving week!
These were taken waiting for dad to finish
the Turkey Trot
on Thanksgiving morning...
Allikaye with her friend Annika...
Here he comes!!
Yay, daddy!

Allikaye was yelling,
"Go daddy, go! Win a medal!"
Daddy and his friend, Justin!
So proud of their big race...
Lovin her daddy...

Then we had a great Thanksgiving!
At my house this year -
and a lot smaller than usual...
but it was wonderful.
Fun and relaxing and yummy!
I just love my parents.

I had to take some pictures
of Allikaye's beautiful pieces of
Thanksgiving art/centerpieces
that she has made at church and school.
I really love them.
A lot.

Mayflower and a pumpkin pie...
At school she said,
"I am thankful for my mom, dad named Matt, and myself."
So sweet!
Also thankful for her kitty!
Love this one...

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is GOOD!"
Psalm 118


Rhonda Marie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Love the crafts that Allikaye made!

Melissa said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! So fun you were the host this year!!

amanda said...

happy belated turkey day friend :)

that pie craft is just too cute!!

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