Sunday, September 16, 2012

5 months AND 6 months AND Kindergarten!!!

2 months in one! 
Lucky day! 

Here are the babies at 5 months!
Cambria Jane...
the sweetest of all...
Kai Matthew...
active precious boy...

Here are the 6 month old babies!!

 Kai is always on the move!
growing growing growing!
He would roll around the whole house if I let him!
Usually my snuggler...
he is now wanting to be moving slightly more than snuggle with his mama...
but I get it when he is tired and hungry! 
 Cambria is becoming the smiley one now!
She would just love to stare at me all day long...
and smiles at every eye contact. 
She is pretty aggressive and wants Kai's toys..
and gets Kai's toys!
She likes to roll too - 
but we are predicting her to crawl first!
We will see!

Our house is filled with baby screeches...
lots of squeals and laughs...
and talkative babies! 

I love it...every bit!

My best little Miss Allikaye
started Kindergarten!!
*sniff sniff*
 This is Mrs. Whalen and the big girl!
 Waiting to go inside...
chatting with her new friends!
I was so nervous for her - 
but she was pretty cool!
 Oh my goodness!
Here is her table!!! 
Parents were able to come in and listen to
"The Kissing Hand"
*sniff sniff again*
 There's my sunshine girl!!!!!!
 Here she is coming to give us the final goodbye!

She is LOVING Kindergarten!
And I am amazed at how fast she is learning!
I am going to run out of room on our walls
for all the writing and drawings she is bringing home!
I am SO proud of her! 

I must admit that I am missing her a lot though - 
twins are a bit easier when I have an extra pair of hands around!
Even if they are 5 year old hands!

So blessed. 
So so blessed. 


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