Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 Kai boy is ONE!!
He is 22 lbs...
still has 8 teeth..
.but gnawing on his finger making me think there are more on the way!
He loves playing with his dinos and making them "roar!"
He LOVES balls of all kinds...
and will stand and throw a ball...
then chase...
then stand and throw it...
then chase it...
over and over. 
Likes to head butt and bite to get a toy he desires. 
Head butts also when excited and pile drives into the excitement. 
Climbs on everything. Everything. 
He is so amazing. 
 Cambria girl is ONE!!!
She is 19 lbs...
and has 2 full teeth...
and 4 that are all coming in at the same time on top. 
She likes to hold up one finger when you ask how old she is...
LOVES signing and can sign over 10 signs...
Loves to drink her whole milk...
What does a dog say? Pants and barks like a dog. 
Loves to snuggle with her pink blanket...
cutest thing ever to see her grab her blanket and stuff
the corner under her chin, then lay her head down...
She is so amazing.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Eleven Months!

These sweet little hearts 
are eleven months old! 
Almost a whole year! 

My sweet Kai. 

This boy is all the over the place!
But still has lots of moments when 
he is happiest with mama holding him. 
He is all boy and we laugh so hard
at the boy-ish things he is doing.
For one...picking up and then throwing toys. 
Especially toys that will make a bang when dropped. 
He is also biting...eeee. 
He knows now not to bite one of us...
but we are working on him biting his twin sister. 
She is getting sore little arms whenever 
she gets in Kai's mouth area...
or attempts to take one of his toys. 
We will be working on sharing with these
almost one year olds! 

Kai also will throw both of his arms
way up in the air when we say, 
"raise the roof!"
"Praise the Lord!"
He doesn't have time to stop and really sit and play - 
so he has brilliantly begun to carry whatever toy
he wants to keep track of..
in. his. mouth. 
Our little puppy:
 My precious Cambria. 

She loves to watch us and then imitate
our sounds, faces, and actions. 
Our little parrot. 
She likes to blow raspberries...
do an indian call...
smack her lips together. 
She learns quickly
and gets proud of herself to repeat us. 
And she loves to clap!
All we have to say is "YAY" and the
sweet clap comes out. 
Cam can sign, "eat" 
and seems to always want to be 
carrying around a cracker, cookie, or cheerios. 
She would non-stop snack if I let her.
She has also started to get this 
little whine thing going when Kai will take one of her toys. 
Telling on brother for sure. 

Cam giving me the kissy face...

Cambria and big sister Allikaye...
AK said she wants to be a vet when she grows up...
but said this time she can work on babies too.

Allikaye and Matt had the 
long-awaited Daddy Daughter Ball
 on February 16th. 
Miss Thang just counts down the days
until she gets to go with her prince to this! 
 Daddy took her to Outback. 
Special little date night!
They danced the night away...
staying to the last song...
such a good daddy!
Allikaye said her favorites where the 
Chicken Dance
Justin "Beaver"
Call Me Maybe and 
Never Getting Back Together.

One more thing for this month...
Valentine's Day!!
These are the Valentine's Allikaye
took to her Kindergarten class...

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