Monday, October 20, 2008

Rock and Roll Princess

I am going to let my dear friend, scrapblog,
show you what we have been up to the last week.
If you are so inclined...
you may click on the pictures to make them larger.

First...we did a little rockin'...

Then, Matt and I both played in our beloved sports alumni games...
We also hung out at the Denver Zoo and loved the fall-ness...

There ya go! Thank you Scrapblog!

So now...
here are two pictures of my upcoming project...
I have never "redone" furniture...
and I am soo excited about this!
My mama bought this for Allikaye (and me)
at this awesome antique store in downtown Castle Rock. It was labeled as a "Timeout Bench"
and right now it is all rusted out.

I am picturing PINK...
and a really cute girly cushion!!
before I embark on this cuteness??
Can I just go straight into spray painting it?
Do they even have light pink spray paint?
Do I need to do some kind of primer?
What's the best way to make a cushion...
without pulling out my sewing machine (that I can't thread)?
Help me... my knowledgeable friends!!!
And I will be so excited to share with you all the finished project!


kate said...

I would paint it cream with a few sparkly accents. i think you can buy some paint.
sometimes i have primed, but i'm not an expert in that category. Sometimes I just head on into a project not knowing.
i would do the cushion in a fun pinkish retro fabric. Then you won't have to repaint, just change the cushion.
you could do velcro, fabric glue or really cool pins. The oldest baby ones with the pink bear at the end.
i've exhausted my resources. Good luck. can't wait to see it.

Becks said...

First of all those scrapblog pictures are fabulous! Love the zoo paper.

Secondly that bench is to die for cute! You can find light pink spray paint!! Do you have Michaels in the states? I found the perfect tone and spray painted a side table for Sophia...wait here let me see if I still have the can...yes I still have it! It is the name brand Krylon. Sadly there is no name for the color..hmm, wierd. The cap is painted the color of the paint. Ok all that and I am not that helpful afterall. Have fun with the project! My goal is to teach myself to sew and make a cute apron!

P.S. Watch your mail, something will be arriving in 10 days or!

Kelly said...

LOve the scraplog!:-) So cute! Ya'll have been busy.
And that chair is going to be so cute. I don't have any great suggestions on it - but I know you will make it precious!

Trish said...

my first thought if it is rusting is to sand it a little and then prime it. i always hate doing prep work, but it usually pays off!

maybe a king size pillow case? you could tie the end shut or something. quick and easy:)

hope this helps.

p.s. i'm all about it being pink with a super fun cushion!

Lindsey said...

Love the scrapblog photos! you guys have been busy.

I am not crafty at all, so forgive me if I take a pass on the reno of the bench. It is so cute though. I can see a cushion of brown fabric with pink polka dots.

Chelle said...

I love the scrapblog pages! So cute! I should really start doing them digitally.

And the bench is to die for! How cute! I think the pink would be adorable. You could find a paisley print or cute!

I've always wanted to redo furniture. I can't wait to see how the girly bench turns out!

ACC-mom said...

cute shots!

amanda said...

love your scrapblog friend - she does great work :)

can't wait to see what you do with the bench - knowing you it will be beyond cute :)

meg duerksen said...

if you want the rusty part to show...don't prime and paint over then sand some parts away.
you CAN get light pink spray paint.
if you don't want it to show through then you DO want to prime it. KILZ makes spray paint too.

for a cushion....would a regular pillow fit on it?
OR pick your fabric and you can use glue for sewing....yes they make it. look in the notions department. or they make iron on tape that bonds the seams. you could try that.
OR does your mom sew? :)

it will be adorable what ever you do with it.
even if you leave it as is....but that's my style.
worn in & well love.

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