Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Wrap up

How much fun was Christmas?!
Here are some pictures...and a video...
to sum up Miss Allikaye's 2nd Christmas!

Started with a Santa visit...
no tears, but a very serious little girl.
She did say thank you for the candy cane though!
Here we are getting ready for the Christmas day events!
Yay! So excited to open presents!
We played a little piano...
Miss Thing opened a great big tiger! Fun!
A new kitchen and table! Woohoo!
This is just as much a present for Matt and me...
she played by herself for over an hour with this! Woohoo again!
And now...
MY Christmas present...
This is STAR! My new Kitty!
Matt totally surprised me!
I have tried to get a cat for almost 6 years of marriage!
He finally gave in!
Allikaye LOVES Star!
We still have a little work to do on HOW to hold her though.
And Tre still isn't too sure about her...


Lianna Knight said...

so sweet...I'm glad your holiday was a blessed one...and Star is too precious!

dani said...

i'm pretty sure CHristmas was a big hit at the chamb's... for everyone except for maybe tre, tee-hee:P allikaye's precious in all your photos and clip!!!
i hope 2009 will be a wonderful year for you and yours, ashley:)

Becks said...

Merry Christmas!!

Love all the pictures! Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas!

The picture of Allikaye playing the piano is so cute! Love those lil leggies!!

Her cat holding skillz are awesome!

Trish said...

we got that kitchen set for the girls too. they LOVE it so much. cute cat too.

Amber said...

hey. the video was cute. fun to hear your mom and dad laughing on it. and miss thing has a little ashley in her i think :)

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