Monday, February 8, 2010

Daddy Daughter Ball

Allikaye and her Prince...
aka Daddy...
had a night to remember this weekend!
The ball had arrived!
I can't think of a girl that is more
in love with princesses and balls and gowns
and dancing and all things girl,
than my Allikaye!
This was her kinda thing!

Here we are getting ready!!
Oh my heart has officially melted...
she is so pretty!
I love this picture because it shows how
she just loves her daddy!
He let her pick out his tie and outfit!
Ah! Cuteness!

This is all Allikaye!
She wanted to take a picture with her
princess and prince dolls...
because they were going to the ball too!
True love...
Here's a framer!
On their way to their carriage...

We met our BF's at Red Robin before the ball.
You should have seen all the daddy's and princesses!
The place was packed with pretty dresses
and proud dads!
I love that our town is still small enough to
have this kind of community feeling!

Here is my true princess...
in all her princess glory!

After the ball they came in dancing
to Beyonce's "Single Ladies"
and twirling all around!
They had the best time!
I wish I could have been there to watch...
I almost asked my dad to
take me so I could watch!
Wouldn't that have been funny?
I could wear my old prom dress!

I am so thankful
that Allikaye and Matt were able to
make this priceless memory!!


Kristy said...

I wish we had something like that around here! :)

La La May Whitaker said...

She looks adorable! So does Matt :) Stentz and Delaney had a great time too!

amanda said...

sooo stinking cute!!

Darci said...

How fun. I remember those daddy-daughter-dates with my Dad. I'm glad they still do them. Hope you had a great birthday! I've been thinking about you!

Melissa said...

oh my! how CUTE!! Her hair looks adorable too!
how fun!

Rhonda Marie said...

What a good daddy! How fun to have a little girl that loves her dad. It is so special to have a relationship like that! Way to go Matt! Love you guys! always, Allie is extremely cute!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

oh my goodness, this is precious! I love how you curled her hair! Her dress is so cute, is it from Gymboree? My daughter has one pretty much identical to it (picture is on my blog header).

Lianna Knight said...

How SWEET!!!!

sweet tea in a pink glass said...

I saw the name plates that you made a few posts ago and loved it. I have been looking for one for awhile but yours was my I was wondering if you sell them.

dani said...

miss thang looked absolutely beautiful!!! how fun for the two of them... (you really should have asked your dad to take you; now, how precious would that have been!!?!?)
happy valentine's weekend!!!
much love,
dani xxx

Libby Lu said...

allie's hair looks so good curled! does it stay or not so much like her mama's?

and i love your signs! is that the campbell's soup C? looks familiar! ;)

love you!!! XOXO

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