Monday, May 17, 2010


What a wonderful day...
daddy getting a sub at work...
and takes Allikaye and mama

It was a blast!
So much fun!
But according to Allikaye,
only fun for about 7 frames.

We did stay for one whole game though...
oh yeah...we are hard core bowlers!

After daddy helped a few times...
Miss Independent was all on her own.
Hope the bowling management doesn't mind the dents
in their floor when she kept dropping the ball!

Rollin' it...
Watchin it...
Man, she's cute!

So here is a fun picture
that shows one of the things that
comes with being a mom...
you no longer get to bowl by yourself...
or in other words...
without a pretty little thang attached to your hip!

I have to admit I was pretty good
with the hip attachment.
Oh yeah.

Thanks daddy for taking your girls out.

Just for the record:
Allikaye - 72
Ashley - 100
Matt - 122
Matt wants me to say he usually scores a lot higher than that.
So there.



Rebekah said...

Looks like you had fun! We'll have to do that as a family sometime too!

Melissa said...

That is impressive... A score of 100 with the pretty little thang attached to your hip!
Now that's some skill!

Colorado Kids said...

LOVE this blog, cuz I love your family.

Libby Lu said...

how sad! you got a better score than i usually do...with a hip attachment and all! =(

i'll stick to vball!!
love you!

amanda said...

love. love. love that daddy took the day to take out his girls :) soooooo fun and extra special!!

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