Monday, July 26, 2010

Camping Fun


Arrive at the PERFECT camp spot!
We actually got one of the top sites
at one of the top 100 campgrounds!
Little wading stream on site with a big river next to that!
After we set up, daddy got the slingshot out!
Did a little stream fishing...
Watch out fish!
Princess fishing pole coming your way!
Took some family pictures while waiting
for our friends to show up!
Here's one minus Tre...
Exploring with dad...

Mallory and Allikaye...
ready for a day of fun!
The girls...
Allikaye caught her FIRST fish!
it was very exciting...
except she was totally offended that the fish tried to slap her!
We ended the trip with a fun little scavenger hunt!
Here's Allikaye showing her
"piece of moss"
They also had to find something shiny,
something red,
bark, different leaves,
and lots of other fun things!

Seriously, I usually do not
LOVE camping.
But this was a hit!
Maybe it is because of the amazing company we had.
Maybe it was because we slept on an air mattress.
Either way,
I am so thankful for family and friends and God's beautiful mountains!
This is a memory that is top 10!


Libby Lu said...

i'm glad this camping trip was much better for you guys! i love that ak wears skirts camping...that's totally something i would've done.
thanks for sharing! love you!

amanda said...

yay for the healed computer and double yay for the awesome camping trip!! you "almost" make me want to go camping again...almost :)

glad you had a great time friend!

Anonymous said...
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Rhonda Marie said...

What a fun trip! Those mountains look sooo amazing! Glad to see you are having such a great summer!!!
P.S. I saw some of Allikaye's 3 year photos and OH MY GOODNESS they are precious!!!

Colorado Kids said...

Aw, that was awesome! I loved that trip Ash. What great pictures, I just love love love them.

Becks said...

WOW...your camping trip looks like soooo much fun!! If I had a campsite like this with a friend like you I would be all over this whole camping thing! The last time I went camping I was 17, was soaked to the bone sleeping in my tent and ate soggy food. It scarred me for life. BUT this looks like so much fun!!

I would totally have wanted to steal those old antiques from that place too and fix them up. Very cool but I think I would be a little spooked knowing they were from a haunted place, haha!

P.S. have I ever told you how much I love your blog header? Because I DO, the pictures are so sweet and lovely!

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