Thursday, January 26, 2012

Aunt Katie's Wedding!!

Matt's sister, Katie,
had a fun wedding up in Fort Collins
a few weeks ago.

Allikaye had one of the biggest highlights
of her little 5 year old life...
she was a flower girl!!
Serious excitement for this girl!

Here is Miss Flower Girl at the rehearsal.
So pretty.
Allikaye's cousin, Anna,
Matt's other sister's little girl,
was the other flower girl.
Now THIS is the girl I know so well....
Then the big day came!
I love this first picture.
I can see us recreating one when AK gets married someday.
Oh the tears!!
Daddy and girl...
Flower girls...
Here is the beautiful bride and Allikaye before the wedding...
Opening her present from Katie...
Cute sock monkey...
she loved it.
Anna and Allikaye
You think she likes to pose?
She actually said,
"Mom, would you like me to do 'the peek'
for this picture?"
She did so great walking down the aisle
and sprinkling her rose petals!

Then came the reception!
Dance time!
Dancing with her daddy is an
all time favorite for this chick.
I think daddy likes it too!
I thoroughly enjoyed watching
these two rule the dance floor.
And I couldn't leave out the
"Matt and Allikaye Signature Move"
They did this about 50 times.
So funny!
Oh yeah!
Here is the perfect picture of how the night ended...
sleepy sleepy flower girl.
She loved every minute.

We are so happy for Aunt Katie and Kenny!
Thanks for having Allikaye be a part of your big day!
She treasured it!



amanda said...

first of all she is adorable! second? her and daddy together dancing?? all sorts of awesome :)

every time i see pictures of littles getting to be flower girls, i want to send the posts to my brothers and say hurry up already!!

looks like it was a beautiful day!

Heather said...

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