Monday, April 23, 2012


 Spring is here!
We have had a super start to our spring fun...
Starting with the 4th annual Helicopter Egg Drop!!
We love this!
And this year it was h.o.t!
But the tradition continues...
Here is Miss Allikaye and her buddy, Ava! 
They are going to be in the same 
Kindergarten Class next year!
Allikaye is SO excited! 

Here's the helicopter!!!

I have wanted to do a sister-sister
matchy match outfit thing for a long time...
now I can!!
And Allikaye was thankfully into it...
wasn't sure if she would be!

How cute are my girls?!!! 
And this picture is perfect
because these babies L-O-V-E their big sister! 
The second she starts talking to them, 
they stare and are already in awe of her!! 

Here are the babies on Easter!!
Allikaye said they look like a married couple in this picture!
They totally do!!!!

Kai's a little cross-eyed in this pic...oops!

My smiley. bright-eyed boy...

 My Grandparents holding their great-grandbaby twins!
They love them!
Grandma just thinks it's pretty cool her little girl (me :)) 
had twins!!  

More smiling Kai Baby!
 I need to capture Cambria now! 
They are both so happy and love smiling!
And of course...
I can not get enough!! 

And here is Allikaye and her sweet friends, 
Mallory and Kaida!
My bf Jess and her fam came down to my parents to celebrate Easter with us!
Loved having them there...
they are like family already! 

We had a such a great start to our beautiful spring!

Last picture of the day...
this is where Kai and Cam love to hang...
so cozy and happy and delightfully asleep! 

Next up...
my babies are almost 2 months old!!!



Libby Lu said...

hi hunny! i haven't been able to stalk you as much as i used to but just got caught up on your newest additions! i'm so excited for you guys. i'm so impressed you're able to post as much as you have. thanks for keeping up with your fabulous bloggy blog. i love you and miss you tons!

dani said...

oh, my, goodness!!! it has been so long since i stopped by... twins!!?!? they are precious, and allikaye has gotten so big!!! i hope all is going great for you and yours:) l,dxxxxx

amanda said...

oh honey how i love your easter egg drop!! seriously it's one of my most favorite things!! but this year?? sisters in matching rainbow dresses??? BEST EVER!!

so happy things are going well friend!!

Rhonda Marie said...

What a great Easter celebration! Your 3 kids are so stinkin' cute! AK looks like the best big sister, so proud and loving! Miss you so much and wish more than anything I could meet your cute twins in person!

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