Thursday, June 6, 2013

Good bye Kindergarten!

 Allikaye has WON kindergarten!
Yay Allikaye! 

She amazed us all this year
and grew more than we could have imagined! 

As a reader she is reading at a 2nd grade level. 
She reads with such amazing expression...
and has really grown to love books.

She is also an amazing writer. 
Her stories are always filled with such imagination...
usually involving unicorns, and animals of all sorts. 
Or always writing about her family or friends. 
She loves hard. 
She also wrote us a persuasive letter 
about us buying her a horse. 
Very persuasive! 

She loves math, science, social studies, 
all of it. 
She has such a love for learning
new things and is always asking us questions
and not stopping until she understands it all! 

She loved buying her lunch every Thursday...
pizza day!
And the other days her lunch was pretty consistent...
chicken nuggets and ranch. 

She made a lot of friends 
and was always greeted with an 
"Allikaye!!!" and a hug from someone in her class!

Her teacher, Mrs. Whalen, 
taught them a ton of songs and poems...
it was so fun to see them perform all of them...
and pretty impressive that they remembered all of them! 

 Cambria and Kai thoroughly enjoyed AK's 
end of year celebration...

Cam cheered for every student as their name was called. 
It was quite funny! 
Here she is with popa...

We really couldn't have asked for a better class 
and year for Allikaye. 

 Our sunshine girl...
all done with Kindergarten!

Sweet and pretty...
smart and sassy! 

 So very proud.


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