Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita...
the place you have to experience
at sometime in your childhood. 
The atmosphere is exciting...
cliff divers, caves, waterfalls.
The ambiance is like no other place...
mariachi music, smell of chlorine.
The food is blah... minus the sopapillas. 
And it is a place that helps makes
wonderful fun memories. 
The twinnies playing a video game...
Watching the puppet show!
Allikaye and Kenzie...
There's mama in a picture!
Holding my two bebes!
See me?! 
My handsome boy loved the puppet show...
He sat like a big boy...
Cambria was typical of herself...
not quite sure of the situation...
thinking it through.
Just like Allikaye was. 
There's big sister!
Sweet Maya...
a favorite friend...
sitting with Kai.
The Daugherty Clan was the perfect company 
for our Casa Bonita night of adventure.
Kai photo bomb...
more puppet show profile pictures.
Love them.
Another one of Kai Boy...
And Miss Cam Cam was happiest with 
her daddy. 
Me and my favorite Brittany!!!
Fun night at the pink castle! 
Now off to take antacids. 
Long live CB


WILLIAN said...

Que legal todo conteúdo do seu blog!
Forte abraço.
mdf arte em mdf.

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