Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Breakfast!

Here's Matt's breakfast this morning! Hahahahaha!
Ingredients for fun:
Pound cake (that's the toast)
Marshmallows (melted for 5 seconds)
Yellow frosting (use an ice cream scoop)
So...did Matt fall for it?
No, the punk! He stuck his fork in the "yolk" and it wasn't the consistency that he expected - and he wouldn't fall for it! But I was crackin' up! Fun times!
Let me know what tricks you pull today!


April said...

genius....do you make that man breakfast like that (non April Fool's) every morning..if so...clap clap clap..lucky man !!

Life Beautiful the magazine available at Wal-Mart....if you do not frequent that store...let me know and I will mail you the sub. card.

have a lovely day

Allikaye's Mama said...

I read Matt that comment, and he said "that's one of the reasons I didn't fall for it!" Because, no, I do not make him breakfast like that everyday! :0)

Candy said...

That is so funny!! How creative of you. I didn't think of anything fun to do like that. ha! :)

Brad & Jill said...

Brad would know it was a joke if I had breakfast "ready" for him!!! Ha!!! I do love pranks though, as long as they aren't on me!!! :)

The Ames Family said...

That is so funny... The thing is... My husband wouldn't eat that egg if it were REAL. I'm still trying to come up with something to pull on him. You are too creative!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Tee Hee- too funny!!

kari & kijsa

The Gerster Family said...

I totally saw this idea somewhere and almost made this for Casey! How funny. Super suck that Matt didn't fall for it!

amy purple said...

This is hilarious! I give you an A+++ for effort!

His Doorkeeper said...

That is hilarious! My husband wouldn't fall for that because he would be questioning what was going on that he actually GOT an egg and toast for breakfast! I've tried to make him eat more healthy lately!

Serah said...

I saw that recipe in Parents magazine. How cute!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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