Thursday, April 3, 2008

Eebee Baby!

Eebee Baby - Every Baby's Adventures.
Ever heard of this program? The premis is using practical/everyday things to educate and play with your baby. It includes a colorful puppet that murmurs sounds, and a lady that uses a high pitched "baby voice" (may tend to be called annoying). Well, of course, Miss Allikaye LOVES it! She does her toe-tap-jump-and-clap dance when I turn it on. So, I took an idea straight from the screen, here it is:Simple: water pouring into a bucket. She can turn it on and off - run her hands under it - plenty of laughs and learning!
Here's what they didn't show with the puppet and "baby-talker" ......Soaked carpet, empty bucket, empty water pitcher, and sopping wet Allikaye! Way to go Eebee! Well, it was fun while it lasted!


The Gerster Family said...

LOL! Leave it to AlliKaye to figure out the above and beyond fun! I hope you were laughing your head off (after you cleaned up of course) because that is just adorably funny!

April said...

Gotta love soakin' wet carpet....ok comments to your comment..

those birds have not arrived just yet...but will be tonight...if you think you want them...I can RESERVE them for you
Those beautiful paper blossoms...that would be so very cute on curtains I had a customer put them on lampshades once...very sweet...I also do fabric ones...if you would like to see those I can shoot you a photo over.

glad you got the will love do you save a magazine..I usually have them looked at cover to cover before I get outta the store...

Lei Lei says eat your heart out honey !!
Cookie recipe will be on the blog soon !!
If you need any help with signing up with etsy....let me know.

and finally...have a happy day

have a happy day

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What a sweet baby! :-)

Happy Spring!

Brad & Jill said...

Okay, that cracks me up!!!! Maybe that's an activity best for the outdoors!!! Too cute!

Candy said...

How fun!! I've been searching sites the past couple of days to find ways to entertain Ella. I'll check out that site. :)

ilovepink said...

You have a beautiful daughter!!!! Don't you just LOVE little girls!!!

Bmer & Kass said...

still laughing...this post is too funny!

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