Thursday, July 10, 2008

Free Slurpee???

Tomorrow is July 11th! What does that mean?
It is 7/11! in Seven in the Slurpee mecca!
I have heard that most Seven Elevens are giving away
FREE SLURPEES tomorrow!!
Go out and give yourself a brain freeze!


amanda said...

oh i must go and search out our nearest 7/11!! i haven't been in forever!! but a free slurpee is totally worth the drive :)

Shelly said...

:( no 7-11's anywhere near me, I dont even know if there's any is wisconsin...?

Julia said...

I don't think there are any 7-11's in my part of Atlanta...but tomorrow is also the day that the 2nd Gen. iPhone is coming out. My husband is excited.

Lindsey said...

Hmm, I think the nearest 7/11 is in a shady part of town...might be worth it.

dani said...

ah, man!!! we don't have 7/11's in our area any more... we have "kangaroos", now. but, a diet cherry limeade from sonic sounds pretty good:b maybe later...

Lindsey and Adam said...

Nice!!! I'm hittin' it up tomorrow!!!

Got something for ya in my bloggy world! Check it out!!! :D

Amy Bell said...

7-11..yummo. i think slurpee was one of my food groups in college!

love the pics of your best girl! aren't they wonderful?

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