Thursday, July 10, 2008

She's 18 months and her mama is cryin'!

Yes, it's true...
I just can't believe my little precious infant is 18 months old!
She seems so o-l-d to me!
I am using this post as place to write down memories
that I know I will soon forget of Miss Allikaye...
the 18 month beauty.
*broccoli...which daddy calls ice cream...and watermelon
*cereal...sounds like 'seral' a bowl with milk...or in any sort of container
*asking to walk
*jumping...high...both feet off ground
*Her pacifier...which she so endearingly calls her "pash"
*mama chasing her and daddy saving her
*Her On Demand (Comcast) shows...Baby Boost and Eebee...she actually brings us the remotes and asks for "Eebee" by name
*wagon rides...hit or miss
*ABC's and counting
*being the DJ to songs sung by daddy...he starts with a song and she requests a new one mid-verse, then continues to change it up
*shopping...she'll say "shop, shop"...truly my baby!
*Learning and using new signs...I must brag and say she's a pro!
*nursing...yep still going strong...I'm sure there are varying opinions on this...
*repeating every word we say...teaches us to be a little wiser with word choice!
*walking Tre on his leash
*drinking in straws
*pulling on mamas face to get her attention
*doing things on her own

which mostly resemble what I have heard the wonderful toddler years are like!
*Not getting her way
*changing her clothes or diapers
*being taken away from mommy
*Tv watching that isn't Eebee or Baby Boost
*riding in a stroller
*When mama doesn't pay full attention to her
*not being able to do things on her own
*when things are taken away from her...chocolate milk from a spoon...set her off...I mean the DRAMA is amazing! While Rhonda was here she said it sounded like she bashed her head...but it was actually because I wouldn't let her draw with green marker on the couch...I'm mean I know! Today she actually was scooting her head across the floor she was so mad at me for trying to put sun screen on her...

I can't even begin to tell you how much more rich and full
my life has been these past 18 months!
There is NOTHING that compares to a love
between a daughter (or son) and their mother!
Alright...I'm crying again!
Happy 18 months my dear sweet toddler!
Ah! She's not a baby anymore?!


Lindsey and Adam said...

What a sweet, sweet post!!!
It's a sad time, but there are so many more things to look forward to as she grows up! It'll be a blast, I'm sure!! And check out all that hair she's got! One lucky little lady, that's for sure! And what an awesome Mama she has to boot! :D

Candy said...

Such a sweet, sweet post!!! Alikaye is just a precious one and so is her mama!! :) I loved reading the lists of her likes and dislikes. :)

amanda said...

love the scrap book page - very sweet!

and your post is extra sweet. i was just talking to a friend about recording beans favorites....they seem to change so quickly sometimes!!

happy 18 months little love :)

ps - passing the kleenex!

hautemommy said...

Oooooh happy birthday and a half, Miss Allikaye!!! What a darling post, you are such a proud mama to such a darling little girl!! <3 xo!

Amy Bell said...

oh 18 months....i love that age! but, you know, luke is 4..and i love that, too. i love the conversations we have...she is so lucky to have a sweet mama like you!

Heather said...

I absolutely love 18 months!!! My baby girl is no there yet (thankfully because I would be crying too!) but when my son was 18 months (he is almost five! "GASP") we had so much fun! Well, we do now too but you know what i mean. I love watching them learn at that age!!!

Happy 18 months Birthday AlliKaye!!!

Kelly said...

SO sweet - she is growing way too fast, huh??

Just me.....Shelly said...

ok, this post is too cute! i agree with you on the growing too fast....its so bitter sweet,,,,and it always makes me tear up when i think about it...always!

i think it's awesome you're still nursing....i am too, nothing better in the entire world than that connection.

lol @ hating: stroller rides, getting sunscreen put on, I hear ya!

happy day!

Heather said...

So in my previous comment as I was typing I thought to myself how I loved your blog design. Then as I was updating mine today I realized why I like yours so much! Our blogs look almost exactly alike in a way!!


Rhonda said...

Love your post and love even more the fact that I got to see all of Miss Allie's likes and dislikes in person (along with seeing what a great mama you are). We miss you guys (thanks for usin' the pics that I took at the park, what a good photographer I am!!!) I hope Allie still says my name!! Love you!

Boy & Girl said...

Happy 18 months! You need to tell her to not grow so fast...slow it down just a bit :-)

Lindsey said...

Happy 18 months. She sounds a lot like Amelia was then (and now!).

Becks said...

Awe this is just so precious! They grow way too fast! I still can't believe Sophia is 9 months and in no time I will be celebrating her 18 month birthday with disbelief!! Miss Allikaye is just way to sweet and adorable!!

Sara Luke said...

Is there anything more lovely?

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