Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby, Baby, Baby Signing Time...

If you know me at all...
through real-life or bloggy-life...
you know that Allikaye LOVES to sign...
and we both LOVE Signing Time!
Here she is in the car the other day...
I first bought Baby Signing Time Volume 1
when Allikaye was about 5 months old.
No, I wouldn't just plop her in front of the tv -
but I would have it playing in the background at times.
Soon she would perk up right away when Rachel would come on
and the theme song started to play!
It was the only thing that would keep her attention!
That is still true today!

She began signing "all done" at 6 months old!
Never would she have been able to communicate that through words...
but we knew exactly what she was saying!
Between 9 and 12 months Allikaye could sign about 25 words...
I posted first about it here...back in February!

We have since bought the Volume 2 Baby Signing Time,
and about 6 other volumes of the Signing Time DVDs.
I posted more about it here!

These DVD's have helped Allie to know so many words!
She not only says them, but signs words while speaking!
It is amazing to watch!

Without any pressure or hours of work,
she has picked up over 200 signs!

She knows almost all her veggies, fruits and foods...
daily activities
(good morning, good night, brush teeth, clothes and more)...
feelings (happy, scared, crying, excited)...
lots of animals...
simple requests (hungry, more, thirsty, play)...

I know I have said it before here,
but I HIGHLY recommend signing!
And not only signing,
but getting involved with the Signing Time videos and music!
It has been one of the biggest factors in Allikaye's vocabulary development,
as well as highly cut down on tantrums and frustrations for her.
I can not imagine what our life would look like
now that we are in the toddler times with her!
I know the tantrums would triple
if she wasn't able to sign and say what she needs or feels!

At 20 months old,
Allikaye can sign and say every word
that we have introduced to her.
It is amazing to watch her see a DVD for the first time -
then use the signs, while saying the word, in the correct context and situation!
I practice the signs and speech with her -
in our daily events and conversations -
but I really feel like the credit goes to the Signing Time people!
The videos are so interactive and easy to learn.

As I put my "teacher-hat" on -
I love how Signing Time incorporates
the written words for every sign
along with a lot of repetition of the signs...
done by kids just like Allikaye...
and original songs that are easy to follow and sing along with.

I am super excited to see the part signing plays
in the rest of Allikaye's development...and life!

So...I received an email from Two Little Hands Production
and they asked if I would be interested in screening
Baby Signing Time Volumes 4 and 5!


The day we opened them in the mail -
we were so excited!
Allikaye started singing and signing the opening song like old times!
Oh my! They were excellent!
Even though they are called "Baby" Signing Time -
they are so great for all young kids!
After we watched it -
Allikaye was already signing -
friends, again, dirty, clean, day, sun, wind, new, and so many others!
She even picked up the songs and was singing right along!
Okay - so the new volumes come out in October...
they ARE worth it!
If you have older kids - there are plenty of
other volumes...
all with great songs and useful signs!!
Here are the previews of both new volumes...

Raise the roof for Signing Time!!
Oh yeah!


brenda1eye said...

What a happy signer AND a singer! Yeah, Allikaye!

dani said...

ashley, that clip of allikaye in the car signing is priceless... just the sweetest!!! i'm going to ask a really dumb question; is the signing allikaye learns, the same as the hearing and verbally impaired use???
it is so interesting:)

Allikaye's Mama said... is American Sign Language...ASL!

amanda said...

i sooo wanted to be this mom honey - i am sooo proud of you (and allikaye)!

we started with "all done" and "thank you" when she is done eating - she totally does it but i have yet to introduce anything else to her!!

thanks for the motivation :)

Lindsey said...

Great work, Mom! Amelia signed a bit, but she was an early talker so she stopped. Definitely keeping this in mind if there is ever a #2!

Jill said...

Sign me up...HA,HA get it?? Eli gets very excited when I sign "dessert" (even if it's carrots!) HA!

We are definitely getting him some videos for Christmas!

Carol said...

Wow that is terrific. I did look into it briefly when both of mine were younger but didn't know anyone first hand who had done it. Now I'll have to try it out next time.

anna said...

hypothetically speaking...brown and blue are the colors in the nursery. can't wait to see you!!

Allison said...

We can't wait!

Lianna Knight said...

I gave you a "shout-out" on my blog...check it out :)


Bmer and Kass said...

We got Addie the baby signing time videos solely based on your blog recommendation back last december and after just a couple weeks she started signing. She LOVES them and sings the theme song all the time. We are excited for the new volumes and recommend them to everyone with kiddos!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

how neat is that... you got to preview their videos!

what a great tool... a great thing to learn!

i think i will look for them!

Lane said...

I am so getting those videos for my son! I worked with him when he was little to sign when he wanted something but he only knew "more", "please", "thank you" and "mommy". These videos sound like a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

TheDPGang said...

Hey Ashley - I got the blocks today and I just LOVE them. Emily is a little upset that I didnt' order her some. Once she decides on the "new" colors of her room, I'll get some for her too. Thanks again - they are just so CUTE! Noel

Shelby said...

We LOVE Signing Time! You know you can get them at the Library! We've seen every volume. Emmy can sign any animal, fruit or veggie and can sing the song without help! Because of signing time, our girls will be able to communicate with our next baby.......coming early May!!!

CC said...

We super puffy heart signing with our kids too! :)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Hi, I saw you from Bits and Pieces! We've done signing with our little guy too! We love love love it! A friend told us about signing time and loved it, we are so going to have to get it!!

Hollie said...

Aww, the video of Allikaye singing is adorable.
My daughter is 15 months and loves to listen to 'her' music in the car.
Too cute!

Julie said...

I puffy heart Signing Time! Halley had a major speech delay and I couldn't imagine her first three years without Rachel, Alex and Leah. It saved so many tears and frustration! You are lucky to be an early screener.

Amy said...

She's adorable. Now you just need to teach Allikaye how to clap like you and she'll be ALL set.

meg duerksen said...

this is the sweetest thing.
none of my kids ever did this. i think i was too lazy to learn it. but it would have been awesome.

she's a doll.

Cindy said...

That is so cool!! I TiVo Signing Time on PBS, but I really think I need to get these DVDs. I love that your little girl knows so many signs- that's awesome.

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