Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bilingual Baby!

I was awaiting the day when I would be able to truthfully say "my baby is bilingual!" Spanish? German? Sign language!! Allikaye has known how to communicate with us so amazing by learning baby signs. She has now mastered over 25 of them! We laughed to ourselves at the doctor when she said that Allie may be getting frustrated with trying to let us know what she wants -because she won't be able to voice her thoughts to us. But she can tell us most everything that she needs, just by signing! I am so thankful that we came across Baby Signing Time. Not only has it been so great for us - but Allie LOVES the videos!! And we have so many priceless memories watching her learn her first words. Matt and I have a new set of songs that get in our head too - much different than our lives "pre-baby"!! "Do the Dance, Do the Diaper Dance!" 

So now Miss Allikaye is saying her first set of "out loud" words! It is hilarious and amazing to hear her announce certain words. So while I am thinking about all her words - I decided to jot them all down! Here goes:
Allikaye's Signs:
Eat, mom, dad, cracker, hat, shoes, cereal, grandma, grandpa, car, milk (one of her top signs), train, banana, more, book, juice, bird, sleep (so precious when she's tired), "All Done", fish, ball, dog, cat, brush teeth, frog, baby, please, thank you, wash hands, blows kisses...

Allikaye's "Out Louds":

I am so excited to keep adding to this list! Man, we love that girl!!


Kelly said...

That's awesome that she has learned to sign!!! She must be so smart! I think it's neat to let babies learn to sign so they can communicate better - but it just amazes me that they can learn it. How fun that you know what she needs or wants now!!!!

Amber said...

Ashley - your blog looks great. Those pictures of AlliKaye are the cutest!!!!!!!!! I am impressed she knows so many words. We were glad the girls knew please, thank you, and bye bye. I can't wait to see you. We're coming out with Erin and Casey's baby shows up.

Staci said...

That's amazing that she can communicate through sign! My best friend taught her daughter sign and she swears by Baby Signing Time! You'll have to visit her at There's a link on my blog.

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