Saturday, February 2, 2008

Allikaye's 1st Birthday!!!

Hooray for our one year old!! What a fun time she had being the center of attention (what's new) with all the birthday guests over at our small townhouse for her first big shindig! She showed everyone her dance moves -when we sang "Happy Birthday". When you ask her how old she is... she holds up a one and says "onnnnn"! Yes, that is incredibly advanced! HA! She absolutely LOVED the new chair she got! As you can see in the pictures, she was super into it! At first she sat, then stood, then started jumping and clapping..while everyone cheered, laughed and clapped along! Even now, we walk downstairs in the morning, and it is like opening her chair all over again - she loves it!! Some other favorite gifts, were books, of course, some new babies (stuffed animals), and some cute clothes! Speaking of her babies - she gets a high pitch voice and kisses them and rocks them! It's C-U-T-E!! Happy Birthday, onnnnnnn year old!!!

The chair of dreams!


mommyk said...

Happy first birthday, sweet Alligail!!!

Kelly said...

I'm so glad you left me a comment! Your little girl is precious - looks like a fun 1st birthday!!!
I have found a lot of blog "friends" who I'm sure I would be friends with in real life! We need to have a big gathering and all meet! :-)

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