Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shopping Therapy...

I had to go shopping today! Yes, HAD to go! I need more springy shirts - that actually fit my post-pregnancy body (please don't mention that my baby is over a year old). I did get some things that made me feel happy and taken care of (yes, shopping makes me happy - I'll say it)! But I almost had to make myself shop for myself -which is weird - and a definite sign of how being a mom has changed me. Why is it so easy to get Allikaye something every time I go somewhere?! I just naturally get pulled to the adorable varieties of clothes that she "just has to have!" Well, I am justifying the shopping a little lately - because we are going to Riviera Maya, Mexico in April (woohoo woohoo woohoo). So..of course...she needs "beach wear!" Well, I think I may be getting a little nervous energy out by simply buying her cute summer clothes - because we have yet to take a vacation with our cute, precious, only-sleeps-in-her-own-crib, 13 month old - and I am a little nervous! I am really wanting advice on vacationing with a babe! But, I'm sure I will be going crazy asking for advice once the day comes closer...it is...39 days away! But who's counting? Here are some cute beach clothes that I picked up today!
I just may be living through Allie with these shorts!

I had to include this headband from Children's Place, because it looks SUPER cute on Miss Allikaye! I just love her in these - where can I get more????


Kelly said...

Those clothes are so cute! It would be very hard NOT to shop for cute little girl things constantly!
That is so fun that you are going to Mexico - I'm so jealous! I'm sure ya'll will have a wonderful time (sorry I don't have any advice!) :-)

Cena @ Unexpected Necessities said...

I feel the same way about my body. I am the same weight pre-Jancie, but everything has shifted. Luckily, I found some of those cute printed shirts that are roomy and cover my stomach and love handles(the worst). I got them at Belk's. Do y'all have any where you live?
We are taking Jancie on a mini-vaca about 2 hours from where we live in April, and I am more concerned about the drive down there than the actual stay. I can't imagine leaving the country!!
I fixed my comment link on my post; somehow it got turned off??!

Boy & Girl said...

She is going to be beach stylin'. Sorry I don't have any traveling advice. Sounds like a great place to go I'm super jealous.

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