Thursday, February 28, 2008

Smart Cookie...err...Smart Cheerio!

Today, Miss Allikaye decided that she only likes the pink Yogurt Cheerios! She left all the regular ones for Tre (the dog)! Now, that is one smart girl!

I also thought I would share the Easter basket I just ordered online from Pottery Barn Kids (love it)! Of course, I got the pink one - since homegirl seems to be a little partial to pink these days! I got it monogrammed with "Alexandra" - which is the daughter's "real" name! Yay- I'm so excited to celebrate more holidays with this girl! So - maybe I could get more advice and fun ideas for Easter from any of you all - and it is not too early! I am excited to see the Easter decorations and preparations out there in blog world (thanks for yours, Cena)!! Please share! All of you!


Cena @ Unexpected Necessities said...

I love that basket. I always forget about Pottery Barn Kids. I need to look more often.

My paint color is made by Sherwin Williams, but I don't know what it is. I looked to see if I had any leftover paint to find out, but I don't. I'll look on their website later to see if I can find it. I ADORE that color. I wish that I would have painted more rooms that color.

I went to Target today and found some cute $1.00 pastel fabric picture frames. I don't know if you put any in Allikaye's room, but they are great. They come in pink, purple,and blue. I bought some for Jancie's Easter basket. I'm going to do a post later on with pics.
I also bought some cute dishtowels (2 for $2.99). Target has cute seasonal dishtowels, and I have started a collection of them. I handwash certain things every single day, and the towels are so cute to look at, so I feel they are an absolute necessity!

Jessica said...

Love those Easter baskets! Ughh!! So cute!

Kelly said...

Cute Easter basket. I love how little girls always love pink so much. I don't decorate for the seasons - I don't know why. I'm thinking I should start.

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