Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cora's Playground...

I know many of you have heard of
sweet Cora Paige that went home to be with Jesus.
You can read more on her parent's and here.
They have been such an awesome testimony of
faith and hope in a such a hard time.

Tomorrow is the big launch for all the Etsy shops
that are selling items to contribute to
Cora's Playground.

Go here to check out all the amazing items for sale...
you just may see some blocks from me!
This is such a neat opportunity to help a family
whose sweet daughter's life has already touched so many...
even those that didn't even get to meet this little angel!

Go buy some of the fun items for sale!!

Here is another link that lists all the shops participating!

P.S. Feb. memory verse on my sidebar!


Kristy said...

That is such a good thing that everyone is doing... I completely sob everytime I read the blogs about her.

dani said...

when GOD closes the door, HE never fails to open a window, ash:) what a wonderful thing etsy is doing!!! thank you for the information.

Jeanneoli said...

A great cause and a wonderful group of artists coming together. Isn't it amazing what one sweet little child can do?

amanda said...

how great is that friend? i didn't know you could do that!

you etsy girls really have hearts of gold :)

dani said...

ashley, i came back this morning as i was catching back up... i have not been able to get little cora off my mind.
when i left your blog the other day i went to jess', i read the her whole blog from the beginning... i had initially assumed that cora had been sick from birth. that would have been awful in and of itself. but, to now know that she was healthy and even up until the day her ped, who ordered bloodwork, jess and joel just thought she had ear infections that wouldn't go away there was no indication that she was THAT ill had to have made it even worse!!!
what a nightmare...
i am keeping the macs in my thoughts and prayers.

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