Monday, May 11, 2009

Two and a Half Year Old

Allikaye is officially two and a half!
So I wanted to do a little bloggy post reminder
of some fun things I want to remember about my favorite girl!
(I put pictures in from our Mother's Day...
fishing fun)

"What are you finding for, mom?" (when I'm looking for something)

Calls T-Rex "sharp-tooth"
and says not to worry because he only gets dinosaurs,
not boys and girls.

Also thinks that if we are wearing shoes
Sharp-tooth can't get us.

Refers to anything that happened in the past as "yesterday"
and anything that may happen in the future as "tomorrow"there it is = "dare dit dis"

"what in the world?!""Are you sure, mama? Are you sure?"

Calls Tre, "my buddy boy"

Has been saying that not all bears and dinosaurs
are scary and mean...
the pink and purple ones are nice!
Retells the whole story she learns in Sunday school....
last week it was the story of Jesus stopping the storm.
She retold it as
"It was raining, Jesus went on the water,
and told the rain to stop.
The rain did what Jesus said."

"Jesus can do anything!"

When a song comes on the radio, or CD, she says,
"what's this song about?"

Wants to wear a tutu all the time...awake or asleep.
Loves her Disney Princess stories and songs...
She can sing
"Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?"...
and "what's that word again? Oh, Street!" - from Ariel
"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream." - Aurora, Sleeping beauty
"A whole new world" - Alladin...errr, Jasmine
Knows her princes..
and the princesses they are attached to...
Prince Eric, Charming, Phillip, and Alladin

Loves to do the sign for "I love you"
(she wouldn't take her eyes off her Disney Songs video for the picture!)I L-O-V-E this girl more than words can say!!
I could never be prouder of this two and a half year old angel!
Thank you, Lord, for Allikaye!


Trish said...

What a cutie :)

I did read about you already on Jessica's blog. It's true every last word!
Glad we're friends :)

number17cherrytreelane said...

She is TOO CUTE. Happy Mothers Day to you!

Darci said...

She is so grown up! We miss you tons!

Jennifer Cronan said...

That's great! My daughter will be 2 1/2 this month too. It doesn't seem real. They grow too fast. My Karlee loves Wocket in my Pocket too and just started this weekend saying all of it when I read it. She wants to do it all by myself she says. So grown up they are.

Tessa said...

The nose pickn' was fun to watch too! She's ADORABLE!

Dee said...

Its amazing how fast they grow! She's such a cutie!

amanda said...

you seriously have the cutest family ever friend :)

love learning each and everything about your little love!!

Just me.....Shelly said...

happy 2.5, allikaye!! whoo hoo!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

happy 2 and a half to your too cute pumpkin!

great idea to look back on all her fun!

dani said...

happy 2 1/2, little miss thing:)))
you are too cute for words!!!
dani xxx

Irene Joy said...

I didn't know you guys like to fish! We do too!

Theres A Wocket In My Pocket is a big favorite around here. We've had to glue the pages back in a few times because they love to read it all the time!

I love how Allie says her words, she's seriously the cutest little thing ever! So smart too!

Rhonda Marie said...

Thanks for the video posts! I can't wait to see her in July! I think my favorite part is the fact that she picks her nose EXACTLY like you (hope that isn't TMI for a blog)!! Love you!

Libby Lu said...

i just got on here to second what rhody posted...miss thing picks her nose just like her momma!!!! ;)
love you!

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