Friday, May 22, 2009

The Newlywed Game...errr...6 Year Game...

Happy 6th anniversary to my hubby and me
(on the 24th)
We are heading to Estes Park..beautiful Colorado town!
But before we go, Amy scanned in some pictures for me...
to take us down memory lane of when our 6 years began!!

This was taken after my volleyball team b.e.a.t
the Colorado School of Mines...
it was also taken after Matt went out to dinner with my parents...
to ask their blessing on him asking me to be his wifey!
What a special night!
I am standing next to Matt's parents,
he's next to mine!
The next day...
I said Y-E-S as Matt asked me
to spend the rest of our lives together!

So I asked my Mr. Right to answer some questions
about me and for me...
just to see if he knows these little tidbits
of his wifey...
after about 10 years of being "together"
and 6 years of marriage...
he better know most of these!!

His answers are bold...mine are not...

Song- Hope Now (Addison Road)
yeah...but I am mostly into Kari Jobe right now
Food- Mashed potatoes
Got it!
Color- Pink
Um...yeah I think so...that's a hard one
Time of day- Bed Time this girls a narcoleptic
He married a narcoleptic...I married an insomniac!
Drink-Mojito (The mo ho the better)
What does THAT mean?!
Store- Yes seriously all of them
I have a bit of an addiction here
City-Kaanapali Maui where it all began
Did I mention to you all that we applied to teach in Hawaii?
Might be moving! hehe
Flower- Tulip keep all roses and carnations away
no offense to all that love roses and carnations...
I just prefer to not love them...or baby's breath...yech!
Holiday- Summer break (its the longest one for teachers)
yeah...good point...but I would probably say my favorite is Christmas
Restaurant -Chili's
mmm...we go about once a week!

Can you tell how happy I am to be marrying this hunk?
We also look so young!

Yay for 6 years...and anniversaries!


The Quietts said...

You look young and you ARE young. Van and I will be celebrating 15 years in October.

anna said...

happy anniversary chambs! i loved the old pictures, doesn't that seem like a lifetime ago?! crazy! have a great time in estes park!

Just me.....Shelly said...

happy happy anni, you 2 love birds!! we hit 6 years in april, too...and, YAY for hunky hubbies!

Chelle said...

Happy Anniversary to a GORGEOUS couple! I love the wedding pic, so beautiful!

And Chili's = total yumminess!

Irene Joy said...

WOW you looked A-MAZING!!! I wanna see your other wedding pictures sometime! Congrats girl!

Anonymous said...

I love that you're loving Kari Jobe. Happy anniversary, Ashley and Matt!

Rhonda Marie said...

Happy Anniversary Friends!! I can't believe 6 years has already flown by! Also, just a thought for you...Idaho is VERY similar to Hawaii in many ways minus the vast amount of green, sand, ocean, humidity, beautiful flowers, and luaus. So, maybe you should consider putting in teaching applications in Boise?!?! What do you think :)

Joanna said...

Beautiful pics! What a beautiful bride you were! Straight out of a magazine! Happy anniversary and hope you and Matt have such a great trip! :)

Becks said...

Happy Anniversary!! You two are such a beautiful couple!! Hotties! No wonder you made the cutest little girl! :)

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Bethany said...

Happy 6 years!!! We just celebrated our 6 year anniversary on May 17th!! Hope you had a great time in Estes Park!!

dani said...

hey, ash:)
i hope you all had a wonderful get-away for your anniversary:D YAY, FOR 6 YEARS!!!
do you have any family in hawaii??? what a beautiful place in which to move!!!
dani xxx

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