Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's getting hot in here

What do we do almost everyday?
Thankfully our pool is right across our parking lot...
beautiful townhome livin!

After wrestling Miss Thang to put on her sunscreen...
or as she calls it, "sun SCREAM"
she grabs her floaty and r.u.n.s!

I can barely make it behind her before this...
pure joy - jump -
She is just the prettiest little girl...
I just can't express how much I love her...
She loves to float all by her big girl self...

This is the newest cool thing to do in the pool...
she learned this by watching some big kids swimming one day...
Step One:
Plug your nose
Step Two:
Hold your breath
Step Three:
Dip that cute face

Who knew this little footprint would bring us endless JOY!
I am just overwhelmed with my love for my daughter today!
Gush Gush!


Irene Joy said...

Okay. Three things.

1. She looks SO beautiful in the third picture down. So grown up.

2. Okay think about how much you love your sweet Big A. Imagine IF you had two that you loved that much?! Can you imagine! It really is amazing. Just thought I'd mention. I know, I know, "You never know...maybe someday" blah blah blah. :)

3. I thought I was your Bestest friend huh? HUH?! ;) It's okay. I forgive you, I suppose I could share, I mean if everyone in the world could know MY BESTEST friend Ashley and have her as a bestest for themselves, the world would be a better place. :)

4. We are so coming swimming on Wednesday. Okay? Okay.

yes, yes, I know that was four.

Melissa said...

how stinkin cute!!

have fun with Rhonda!
Wish I could come hang out with you guys for a day! :)

Kristy said...

How cute!
We are swimming lots and lots too. So fun! =)

amanda said...

she really is adorable honey!

we aren't really into the pool over here...maybe someday :)

ps - have sooo much fun with the bff!!

pps - and yes one day we are soooo meeting in the middle for a double playdate!!

Ann Herrell said...

I love the memory verse. I've been repeating a mantra (Christian, of course) over and over this summer to help me quit being so darn stressed out over some stupid stuff I can't control. I think I'll add your verse to change things up and give me a new focus! Thanks for the inspiration! Love you!

Sarah said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Thanks for the memory verse too, I really needed that tonight. God's blessings on your sweet family! :D

Family American Style. said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. There is something new on Wednesday. Its, “What would your children say?” Wednesday. I hope you can join the fun.

Anonymous said...

Love the tutu swimsuit and the trick she learned from the big kids. What a happy girl she is and what an awesome mama she has!

dani said...

i love that you all are enjoying the summer. miss thang is adorable as always:)
much love,
dani xxx

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