Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Camper?

Let's just say
that Allikaye had lots of fun...
which the longer I am a parent,
the more I understand that is really all that matters!

Here are some pics and a recap
of our little adventure!

On the road...
Cinderella on the dvd...
We are there!
I had to take lots of pictures at first
because Allikaye was so excited!
She was singing some song about camping here...
After the sun went down
the fire was roarin...
Oh smores...
how I love you!
Miss Thang dug right in!
But can you say, "s.t.i.c.k.y"
Good job, dad!
So the fire was great fun...
then it was bed time!
We got Allikaye all bundled up.
She had her new princess sleeping bag,
some stuffed animals,
cozy blankets,
she was set!

Let's just say it was slumber party central
in that tent...
she would not go to sleep!
I think the excitement of having mom, dad, and Tre
all in the tent with her
was just too much!

So finally the sleepy train came...
for Allikaye.

Matt and I were
so uncomfortable

The good parents that we are,
we gave Miss all the good blankets.

When we woke up (wait...did I even sleep?),
I knew the night was cold,
but this is what we saw outside our tent...
FROST! Snow!!! What?!
Brrrr and Brrrr!
It warmed up a little
and we went for a little walk to the lake...
It was so pretty...
worth the cold sleepless night...
Our son didn't seem to mind the cold...

There was steam coming off of the beautiful lake all morning...
does that mean the air was colder than the water?

This was a new and exciting adventure
for Miss Allikaye...
I need to remember that fact!

Matt and I have decided that our next camping trip
will include a mattress and a more
substantial shelter!


Irene Joy said...

I love the pictures! You guys are such a sweet family. :) I see Trey went too, I bet he had a blast!

Trish said...

you crazy kids!

Anonymous said...

The picture of her noming down on that smore is probably the cutest picture I've ever seen in my life. I'm glad you had fun!

Danielle said...

I'm so proud of your for giving it a shot! You are a better woman than I...not sure what it will take to get me out camping!:)

anna said...

you are ine BRAVE woman!!! but it looks like you had fun!

Melissa said...

oh! Now I thought of some that your back. I know lots of help. BUT Casey and I take our air matress to sleep on..well worth it!!
it was so fun to see your pics!
We're going camping this weekend. i bet it will be a lot warmer than yours looked though. brr!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted camping pics. Now you can check camping w/ Allikaye off of your list. Glad she had fun!

Libby Lu said...

ugh!! that would not have been fun sleeping in the cold! good job for getting out there miss ashy-poo. we always camped when i was younger and it was always so fun. we did get rained on once and all of us had to jump in the van. i think with anything, the more you experience, the more you'll remember as as kid and look back on. pictures help too! hmm, i just re-read that and am not sure if it makes sense! pfth!

so if you go back again, you'll be more prepared with plenty o blankies and air mattresses!
and now you've got "my first camping trip" pics!

love you!

Rhonda Marie said...

Sounds like a lot of the camping trips Jared and I have experienced...the nights are always uncomfortable and LONG! How fun though, good family memories!

amanda said...

oh you are such a better mama then me - i totally would have packed us up and headed for the nearest hotel - with a heater!!

but it really does look like you guys had a great time!!

proud of you honey :)

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

She will always remember the times you camped. More than any other time. I promise. I remember every year's trips so vividly. I hardly remember my first trip to Disneyland, but I know exactly what it was like swimming in the lake with my cousins when I was three. The dirt, the work, the cold, the laundry when you get home is exhausting. But totally worth it. I would go tonight if I could!

Becks said...

Brrrr!! Those pics just look cold!

But it looks like you had lots of fun! It is so true how as long as your baby is happy you are happy and that is what matters!!

I enjoy not camping too! Luckily my husband enjoys not camping too.

Ashley said...

Those pics are so cute! Your blog is too precious! ;)

dani said...

brr... i like camping, ashley... INSIDE, ha!!! great photos and memories made though, right!!?!? did i say, "brr..."???
much love,
dani xxx

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