Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Tickets

I happen to have
a very strong willed
little 2 1/2 year old!

So awhile back I found these
Happy Tickets...
from this blog.
Just download the pdf
and print some!

These tickets are working great for Allikaye!
We started them when Miss Thang was
getting rid of her pacifier addiction...
which by the way is o.v.e.r!! Yaya!

She now gets tickets when she cleans up her messes...
obeys right away...
and other little requests from mama...
she got one for practicing walking on her toes
in her ballet shoes the other day!

She LOVES putting her ticket in the jar...
and then after 3 she gets to pick a prize
from the Treat Jar...
or as Allikaye says,
"Treat BAR"

I filled up her treat jar with
little Target $1 things and hershey kisses.

So if, like me,
you are looking for
something to encourage good behavior...
and make your home a little more...

Try out some Happy Tickets!
Works for us!

Do you use a reward system
with your kids that works great?



Jill said...

OH!!!! What a great idea!!! Listening stickers have been working pretty well for Eli & my niece Sophie...but I know in time they are going to want me to step up my game! HA! Thanks for sharing!!

amanda said...

love these!! and pretty sure we will be using them in the near future!!

MommaRu said...

I know this would work perfect for Caleb. Thanks for the idea.

April said...

Did you make the tickets or purchase them? I would love to give this a try.

dani said...

that is a GREAT idea, ashley!!! and yay for no more paci:D
much love,
dani xxx

Irene Joy said...

Absolutely cute! I think I might give this a try!

Oh and you are so cute. Always adding flair to everything. I would never think to jazz a jar up with a bow. I love you!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to reward behavior! Love it!! I have a precious, but very stubborn three year old who this might be perfect for! lol

Blessings, Ginger

Becks said...

That is a fabulous idea!!! Almost two but already is in the terrible two stage..ahhh! I need all the help I can get, thanks for the idea!! :)

La La May Whitaker said...

I totally printed these out...I'm thinking that Delaney will like this :)

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