Monday, March 8, 2010

Mommy and Me - Week 3

This week's Mommy and Me Week
is coming with a little questionnaire I gave Miss Allikaye...
all about her mama!!!
I actually gave this to her almost a year ago -
so I am including her
past answers (2 year old)
and her present answers (3 year old)!
I will just mark them as 2009 and 2010!

1. What is something your mommy always says to you?
2009: You sound like a bear!
2010: I love you

2. What makes your mommy happy?
2009: Me!
2010: Squeezes her face, and says "funny faces"

3. What makes your mommy sad?
2009: Tre (that's our dog, that likes to be naughty!)
2010: sad sad baby stuff (not sure about his one?)

4. How does your mommy make you laugh?
2009: tickle me
2010: booboobooboo

6. How old is your mommy?
2009: 2
2010: I don't know! 21?

7. How tall is your mommy?
2009: good
2010: really big

8. What is her favorite thing to do?
2009: kiss
2010: play with me

9. What does your mommy do when you are not around?
2009: plays with pop pop (that would be my father in-law...hehe)
2010: Tries to find me

10. If your mommy becomes famous, what will it be for?
2009: tickling
2010: being mad...what does famous mean, mom?

11. What is your mommy really good at?
2009: people
2010: the computer

12. What is your mommy not very good at?
2009: water...I need water
2010: climbing the curtains

13. What does your mommy do for her job?
2009: teaches little kids, and daddy teach big kids
2010: highschool (well, she had it right last year!)

14. What’s your mommy’s favorite food?
2009: yummy you don' eat chicken
2010: pirates' booty

15. What makes you proud of your mommy?
2009: you
2010: she's smart

16. If your mommy were a cartoon character, who would she be?
2009: roar!
2010: Madagascar

17. What do you and your mommy do together?
2009: we play
2010: play

18. How are you and your mommy the same?
2009: we're both 2
2010: we wear purple shirts and our eyebrows

19. How are you and your mommy different?
2009: one is some where out there
2010: we talk different

20. How do you know that your mommy loves you?
2009: Gave me the sign for I love you!
2010: She love me this much...with her arms outstretched

21. Where is your mommy’s favorite place to go?
2009: Pump It Up...a jump castle place
2010: Pump It Up with daddy and I (We have only been once...she must have really liked it!)

22. What else would you like people to know about your mommy?
2009: she wants to know about snakes
2010: lost her...she had no response other than singing and playing with her princess dolls.

I am never short of laughter
with my Allikaye!
She already knows the importance of bringing
a smile to people's faces!

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Hosted by Krystyn


Annie said...

That picture is so full of happiness! I love it so much!

I am going to ask my 2.5 year old these questions and put it on my blog, what a great idea! I really wonder what she will answer next year.....

Cherry Berry said...

Cute picture!! Those are cute answers to the questions!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

How cute... What a fun thing to do!

Melissa said...

Never a dull moment with either of you girls! So so fun! I love the pic!

Becks said...

I loved this!! What a funny chicken :)

You inspired me so I thought I would ask Sophia the same questions just now...haha....she answered "Sophia's toys" for most all the questions..ummm I guess she doesnt get it yet. I'll keep trying.

P.S. love the picture, it looks like you guys are having so much fun!!

Stephanie said...

Awesome post!!
I might have to ask Landon those questions for next week! :)
Climbing curtains and pirates booty...I almost spit my water out!
She is too funny!
LOVE the picture!!

Amy said...

beautiful girl with a personality to match!! loved reading all about your sweet allikaye!!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Cute idea...I will have to remember that! I'm a first grade teacher and have done something similar to that around Mother's Day where the kids answer questions for a book for their moms. It's always so much fun to see what they come up with!

Krystyn said...

What a riot! She's such a blast!

I think I might steal those questions and ask my 3 year old!

Hailey said...

So cute!

amanda said...

pretty sure you just started something here friend - must ask my little bean tomorrow!!

and the picture? to die for!!

Chelle said...

This picture is so perfect!! I love it!

And the q & a? I for sure need to do it!!

My fave answer? Pirate's Booty...haha!


Libby Lu said...

good q&a! i can't wait for next year!

i love the pic! what's happening in it (or should i say...what just happened!?) xoxo

Rhonda Marie said...

What funny comments...she sounds just like her mama! How fun that you have last years and this years answers!

dani said...

cute, ashley!!!
i'm going to ask katherine these, ha:b
much love,
dani xxx
ps. your photo made me :))) really big!

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