Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here I am!

So I am alive...
and I am surviving being a teacher...
and a mom...
I am super tired...
and I must admit,
it has not been easy...
still it is not easy!

Allikaye has been in preschool
for almost 3 weeks now!
The first 2 were awesome...
for her.
She loves her teacher...
loves singing all the songs...
loves art...
loves eating lunch at school.

Mama on the other hand is the one
crying every morning!
I am pretty fine once I get to school
and get busy...
but I do miss my girl! A lot!

This week is the first week that I
think Allikaye is starting to realize
that mom is working all the time now.
At first I think she saw all of this as an

She has asked,
"You're working again?"
and really gets me tearing up when she says
she misses me and wants to just stay home with me!
Wahh! So do I girl!

But we are making it!
We really are!

I am so thankful that
God has blessed me with a job.
A job that touches little lives...
and that allows me to have
summers and breaks with my family!
I need to keep my
perspective on the TRUTH!

So there's the little update...
just to keep myself blogging
and somewhat connected to this
bloggy scrapbook I got going!

Once we get more and more in the swing of the things
I will post more...
they're coming!

Until then...
here's a picture that I love!!

Allikaye said she was drawing,
"a lady."

I am totally impressed with her skillz!
When am I not?!Here's a close up of "the Lady's" face...
And this might be my favorite...
She didn't want me to take any more
pictures while she was still working on her...
Look at her little nails!!!

So there ya go!

We are gonna keep on truckin over here!
Gettin used to our new normal...
for now...
until another new normal comes along!



amanda said...

i am proud of you mama...i can't imagine how emotional it has been for both of you.

and the first full week back? it's always rough. i swear the first couple of weekends all i did was sleep!!

hang in there mama - i am cheering you on!!

Jill said...

Thinking of you!!! Being a mama is not for the weak....it's a tough tough job juggling everything. I am so thankful that your job does allow you some much deserved time off...something to look forward to!

Trish said...

change is so hard!

sending you hugs from across the miles.

God bless!

Becks said...

I didn't realize you went back to work. I can imagine how hard that is. Hearing Allikaye wanting you to stay home...oh that would be heartbreaking. You are a good woamn doing what is best for your family. I hope you get in a good groove and things start to feel easier!!

P.S. those little hands with the painted nails...ohmygooodness!! Too cute!

Rhonda Marie said...

Praying for you guys and your continued transition back to work. The Lord knows your heart. Definitely not an easy thing. Allikaye is such a sweet little thing...love the drawing!

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