Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today was the day...
the very first day of Allikaye's
first days at school!

Preschool started today!

Here is Miss Happy Sunshine
on the Orientation Day!
We got to meet her teacher and visit
before the first full day.
This was VERY good for me...
even though I think it was there to help
Allikaye adjust...
she did fine,
I'm the one that was crying and a mess!
I just couldn't believe my daughter
was old enough to have a teacher...
and be so independent!

Oh - and we gave her a big lollipop
on the day she met Miss Laurel, her teacher!

So now...
here are shots from our morning!
We started with eggs and sausage...
her request!

Then did some front porch pictures!
She ate a.l.l. her lunch!
I couldn't believe it!
She is not a big eater - at all!

I packed her chicken nuggets
(kept them in foil to stay warm)
ranch to dip
and a hard boiled egg
(she's still egg crazy)

Now that seems like a lot of food!
She probably ate all of it
because the other kids were eating too.
Oh, peer pressure.

She loves her princess lunch box...
I love my pretty preschooler...

The backpack was a surprise...
Matt and me gave it to her and she said,
"Oh, thanks, I love you guys!"

It looks huge on her...
but she insists to carry it herself!
Then we were on our way!
She wasn't nervous at all,
just very excited!
She did ask if we could pray on the
way there though...
so sweet!
Almost cried at this...
but stayed strong!

Look at this...
she walked in front of me down the hall
to her classroom!
Stop it!
I was shocked at her

Finding her cubby...
and hanging up her backpack!
She was so proud to have her very own spot!!
Finally, mama left!
Well actually, I probably would have stayed longer,
but Allikaye said,

" can leave now."

Ah! Where did the time go!!??

I stole one more picture as I was leaving!
Her day went great!!!
She loved it and was happy!
I am still trying to pry out
information a little at a time...
but the main consensus is
that Allikaye LOVES preschool!!

Here's her little day...
It says:
"I liked the sandbox
and listening to the book"
"Lunch - nice table manners"
"Disposition - Cheerful, Attentive, Energetic, Talkative"

"She had a great day!"

Yes she did!


Jill said...

Yay!!! I'm so proud of both of you! HA!! My mom always gave us a snack and have us just sit for a minute after school and then everything that happened at school would just come pouring out! :)

Colorado Kids said...

Oh I love this! What a big girl! Ash I love that it says "Talkative" on the first day! I bet her teachers were so impressed by her. I can't wait till her teacher tells you guys that she should probably skip a year and head to Kindergarden because she's so smart and ready =-)

Mallory said she saw AK, and she said she was beautiful, and she had a bow in her hair, it was cute.

amanda said...

i am soooo proud of you mama! i mean i know this is about little miss - but as a mama i am 100% sure i will curl up in the fetal position outside beans classroom and just cry!! so yay for you!!

and seriously yay for her too - she is a total rockstar :)

Trish said...

it does go so fast! this year i have a kindergartner and a preschooler!

Kristy said...

happy first day to her. cute pictures :O)

Anonymous said...

好熱鬧喔 大家踴躍的留言 讓部落格更有活力..................................................

Rhonda Marie said...

How is it possible that she is ready for preschool already?! Great first day of school outfit! She looked adorable! Been praying for you and returning to work, I can honestly say now that I know how hard it is!

Anonymous said...


Libby Lu said...

congrats to you BOTH! you made it through! ;)
allie's first day of school outfit was super cute! i love the little flower in her hair. hmmm...energetic and talkative? who does that sound like?! hahaha! i love it! that's great that they give out a daily update. they know you are dying to know about their day. love you!

Becks said...

Hooray Miss Allikaye!! What a cute pre-schooler you are!! I can't believe how big you have grown! I love your first day of school outfit and your new backpack! Such a stylin girl!! Sophia will soon join you in going to pre-school (just not the same class ;)

Where did our babies go??? Waaaah. Sniff, sniff.

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