Wednesday, March 30, 2011

REAL Mermaids!

Over spring break we made
our way to the aquarium!

We have been a lot of times...
but this time was especially exciting.
There were real mermaids
that were going to swim for us!
Needless to say Allikaye was super excited...
and so was Matt...hehe!

I was v.e.r.y impressed
with these 3 girls!
Holding their breath for a long time...
diving down deep...
and smiling and doing tricks!

Impressive, mermaids, impressive!

I would look like a pufferfish
struggling to get back to the surface...
I don't think the kids would buy that I was a real mermaid.

There was audio of the mermaids talking
while we watched them.
And they taught us to clean up our oceans.
Ok, mermaids,
us Coloradans will work on that.

Allikaye was wide eyed and jaw dropped the
entire time!
She looked back at one point and said,
"Can you BELIEVE this?!"

Then guess who made it out to take pictures!?
The beautiful fish themselves!

Allikaye was star struck and wouldn't talk to them...
but she told me later they asked her
what color her tail would be if
she was a mermaid.
She said pink...and then she said rainbow.
Just for the record.

My super shy girl...

If you didn't know -
this is the mermaid pose...
who knew?

Truly magical for Miss Allikaye!

So glad we were able to make a
fun mermaid memory!

Now I am off to practice holding my breath
while smiling and waving...
oh and I need to get a tail...
made out of spandex...



amanda said...

that is amazing!! seriously honey i bet little miss was dying the whole time!! so so fun!!

happy weekend friend :)

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks great fun! Wish I could be a mermaid :)

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