Friday, April 15, 2011

DIsney on Ice...Classic

Makin memories over here!

We took Allikaye to Disney Princess Classics on Ice...
it was a jaw-dropping event
for this princess lovin girl!

Allikaye calls it,
"Disney Princess on Ice...Classic"
it's really funny to hear!

We started with a million dollar
tinkerbell slushie cup.
Expensive, yes sirree!
But then again,
Miss Thang is worth it!
We were so excited for the princesses
to come out!
Mama and AK!
Allikaye waved every time they
skated by our side...
so precious!
Sweet, happy girl...
The finale...
all the princesses in amazing costumes.
White and gold...
really impressive!
And Snow White even winked and waved
at Allikaye...

I took a lot more pictures,
and evidently I need to practice my photo skillz
with moving objects
because they were all really blurry.

Disney Princess on Ice....Classic
was so fun.
Thankful that we are able to make these
fun family memories!



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