Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Helicopter Egg Drop!

It was time for our 3rd Annual
Easter Egg Drop!

Here is year 1:
Here is a cute 3 year old Allikaye:

And here is my sweet 4 year old:
My friend Erin's sweet girl, Ava,
and Allikaye were eagerly awaiting the helicopter!
And then...
we heard the copter!!!
Allikaye said she wanted him to drop the eggs
right into her basket....
Watching it fly in...
I could not believe how low and close it was!
Made me nervous!
But it was very cool at the same time!
And it was loud...
as you can see the plugging ears...
It dropped the eggs all over the field...
Look how low it is!
It's hard to see,
look below the houses to the right of Ak...
it has white stripes...
When the helicopter left...
Miss Easter Egg Girl took off!
I guess her goal was the middle of the field...
because she was jumping over lots of eggs
just running really fast!
She finally stopped and collected a ton!
Allikaye says she "got one million."
Then I looked over and she was stuffing them in
Matt's back pockets!
Silly girl. Very silly.

I love this.
I am so excited to celebrate
a beautiful day this weekend.
And what a fun way to kick off this important and
wonderful Holy Week...



amanda said...

oh how i love your easter egg drop!! so so so fun!! and little miss?? honey she looks like a total big girl out there! crazy!!

happy easter weekend friend!

La La May Whitaker said...

I love your blog...so pretty! I need help with mine :)

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