Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Thanks to my friend, Wendy,
she hooked up a date night for about
16 couples to go to the
Xtreme Challenge Arena
It had a lot of the same type of
events/challenges like the
old school American Gladiator show...
remember that?
we didn't have those awesome
patriotic outfits...
but we did battle! ha!

Laura, me and Jessye.
X treme for sure!

We started off doing the
Human Wrecking Ball...
here is Wendy and her hubby Mike...
this was my favorite one
(maybe because I sent Matt FLYING into the ball pit on this one!)

Matt and me jousting it out...
I may have been the first to knock my Mr. off -
but don't tell anyone.
We did a little
"Human Jenga"
This picture isn't us...
but it shows the crazy spinner thing.
This was #1 that played a part in the "after" events
of this fun night.
Jessye, me and Wendy still spinning after the "ride" stopped.
Tough girls...

This is crazy spinner #2.
Jessye and me.
In retrospect, we REALLY should have stopped here.
No more spinning would have been a really
But did we?
Here is crazy spinner #3.
This red beast, spun us tooooo fast.
And was the evil contraption that
had Jessye and me both throwing up
Definitely not as young as we used to be!

Here is Matt and Stentz..
Matt tearing it up on the BMX challenge...

It was a super fun place!
Maybe more fun if I was younger?
But I only say that because of the after effects of the crazy spinners!

We are XTREME!!!
uh, huh.


amanda said...

dude you are amazing!! i don't think i could have done any of that!! but especially the spinny things!! but it does look some serious fun!

Colorado Kids said...

I get a little sick looking at the pictures! Love spending time with my friends! Didn't like throwing up with you. Once again, so proud of you!

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