Monday, June 20, 2011

Lemonade and Tangled

Last weekend Jessye and me
decided to have a garage sale
to get rid of a lot of junk that we cleaned out.
Oh - mainly because we are
Yes - we bought a house!
It is only about 4 blocks away -
but bigger and more of
"forever" home for us!
So excited!

Allikaye and Mallory
decided that a Lemonade Stand
would be the coolest thing
during our garage sale.

Here they each wrote their names on their sign...
Getting serious...
The professional sellers...
Allikaye told her first customer it would be
$10. Then she changed her mind to 25 cents.
Jessye and Kaida manning the garage sale.
Then came one of her
best friends' bday parties...
Delaney turned 5!!

Here are the girls in their Tangled shirts!
Such sweet friends...
A little coloring...
The mamas...
A little tree climbing...
Getting ready to smack Flynn with a frying pan...
Laura spinning AK...

VERY fun weekend!
We sold a lot of the junk
that we now don't have to move to our new house!
And we made some money that went directly into the
"IKEA Account!"
The new Denver Ikea opens
the same week we close on our house!

Oh - and I am obsessed with



Becks said...

How exciting that you bought a house!! I dream of the day i can say that again!! (i love ikea too -but rarely go because my dream crush from highschool works there and i am freaked out of running into him - that is crazy right?)

How fun does that tangled party look - i love the frying pans hitting Flynn - Sophia adores Tangled!

Also i love pinterest - but i never seem to have the time to get addicted. I just like looking at what everyone pinned - and daydream of all the cool things I want!

P.S. how did you find me on Pinterest and yet i can NOT find you on facebook - soo wierd - we need to figure that one out girlfriend!!

that is all.


Rhonda Marie said...

You guys bought a house?!?! Congrats! That is so exciting...but I must say I am a bit jealous because we are STILL looking. We sold our is March and haven't had much luck. I really want to see pics when you get moved in! Oh yeah, Southwest is having a $40 one way ticket sale right now on a ton of flights...just thought I would mention it :)!!! Miss you!

amanda said...

honey a new house!!! yipppeee!! happy new house!! and oh how i dream of the day we will get an ikea!! can't wait to see all the fun stuff you get!!

Melissa said...

Congrats on the new house!! I'm making plans to come see you soon btw! ...this summer, i'm making it happen. :)

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