Monday, July 11, 2011

Curling hair and cuttin down trees

Here is my excuse for lack of blogging...
we moved!
We have been busy peeps over here.
But our house is starting to truly feel like HOME!

We are absolutely loving...
l.o.v.i.n.g our new house.

It is definitely starting to feel
like our "forever" house.

Soon, I will get some pics posted...
but for now -
here are some instances
that made it onto my camera,
thus making it onto the blog!!

AK wanted to sleep in curlers one night...

She actually made it through the night with them in -
so I was so excited to see her curls all day.
But homegirl flipped out!!

She didn't like that it made her hair really short -
I mean REALLY didn't like it!

I asked to take a picture of it -
and this is what happened...
I chased her all over...
Then I kinda got a good one...

After recovering from her curl nightmare...
we took a bath...
yes, she was THAT upset with her hair
(teenage years preview)
So then we headed to Lowe's for their
Free Kid's Project Saturdays.
They are awesome!
The 2nd and 4th Saturdays a month.

We just take ours home and do it there!
Hammering away...
don't forget the safety goggles!

Ok - so here is the only shot of our house so far -
Matt cut down a huge pine tree
that was taking up space...
with the help of our new manly neighbors,
they brought the tree down!

We have loved our new neighbors!
We had a block party the other night - and stayed up too late!

Allikaye actually fell asleep on the couch!
Which sums up the first 2 weeks
of moving in!
We are tired!
But it's getting there!

Allikaye has fallen in love with her new house too.
Here is her new tree...
Daddy's making a swing for it too!

I can't stop thanking the Lord
for our blessing of this house!

Come visit!



amanda said...

honey the curler story is totally cracking me up!!!

soooo excited to see new house pics! and big congrats again - i am so happy for you guys!

Becks said...

That is soooooo beyond awesome about your new home!!!! I can just imagine how thankful you are. I am patiently waiting for our time. I am getting really good at being patient ;)

Her hair looked so darn cute in curlers!! Preview of the teenage years - ha - i hear that - i see it alll the time!! At least she slept with them in!

Allikaye is so beautiful but what is even more beautiful is seeing her sweetness in your pics. She is awesome :)

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