Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catching Up...

Ok -
this being pregnant with twins thing...
has left the blog the last thing in my crowded mind.

So I am determined to get some memories
down onto this ol bloggy blog.
The pictures have been sitting in iphoto for far too long.

May I present to you....
the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo
Mustin' Bustin' Champion!!!!

Oh - yeah -
Princess Sheep Riding Girl...
She's in the middle of those cowboys
getting ready to hold on and not let go
of that sheep.

I was so excited/nervous/shocked
while Allikaye was riding...
so my pictures are not that good.

So let me just say, the girl
did not let go.
Until the cowboy rodeo clown guy
pulled her off at the end of the arena!

She was the official longest time on the muttin'!
So proud!!

She was super proud of herself too!
We didn't even know if she would do the whole
in front of the crowd thing...
riding a sheep!
But she was so excited...
actually waved to the crowd while they were cheering for her!
It was quite hilarious!!



amanda said...

honey this is all sorts of adorable!! love it! love her!!

think of you often and hope you are putting your feet up as much as possible!!


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